Big Brother Canada Site Removes Digital Dailies – What Does It Mean?

In a little over a week, Big Brother Canada 12 starts. The powers that be in the Big Brother Canada universe have been pretty quiet about the season. However, we should have a lot of reveals this week, including the house design, cast, and the theme of the season. Today, BBCAN made some changes to the website. 

They uploaded a few sneak peek images of the house. Fans also noticed that the Digital Dailies section has been removed. Controversially, last season, the Big Brother Canada team decided to eliminate the Live Feeds. Instead, they replaced them with Digital Dailies. Digital Dailies consisted of about 2 hours of exclusive content for most of the week.

Many fans were upset by the decision to eliminate the Live Feeds. They just didn’t feel like it was Big Brother without them. Some boycotted the season and social media engagement seemingly suffered. The producers of BBCAN haven’t made an official announcement about whether Live Feeds will return this year.

However, the elimination of the Digital Dailies section could mean that Live Feeds are returning. Recently, BBCAN removed all its seasons from Paramount Plus. Instead, they made them completely free on a Pluto TV channel devoted to the hit reality TV show. During Big Brother 25, Pluto TV offered ad-supported Live Feeds all season. BBCAN may be about to do the same.

Pluto TV and BBCAN may have teamed up to offer live feeds on the channel and the website. Many speculated that Big Brother Canada removed the Live Feeds because of a monetization issue and less about the claims of protecting the houseguests. Feeds being on Pluto TV may offer some compensation, and, therefore, clear the way for their return.

However, removing the Digital Dailies could just be smart marketing. BBCAN could still have no plans to return the Live Feeds, but by removing the section for now, it could create buzz and excitement leading up to the season.

We should know for sure by the end of the week whether the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds will return for Big Brother Canada 12. 

Do you think the Live Feeds are returning? Let us know in the comments. 

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