Big Brother Canada 7 Episode 9 Recap: Sam vs. Dane

Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 7 episode will be filled with lots of drama. We’ll watch the battle for Head of Household, which occurred right after Kailyn’s epic eviction speech. The potential threat of the Chelsea, Adam, and Sam trio has to be at the back of many players’ minds.

Additionally, the Pretty Boys see Sam as a major threat to their plans. Two weeks ago when Dane was in power, he wanted Sam out but decided not to go that route. He’ll definitely want to take a shot at her again if he gains power this week. But will he have the guts to do it this time?

BBCAN7 Eviction Fall-Out:

Kailyn left the house with a major warning. Some of them will laugh it off and just enjoy the show. Others will take the threat of Sam, Adam, and Chelsea serious. It could turn into the house against that trio.

Chelsea and Sam suspect many of the guys are working together, so Chelsea tries to form an alliance with the women. She extends an olive branch to Kiera, but she doesn’t trust her. Kiera then goes to tell Dane and Estie about Chelsea’s attempt at forming an alliance.

Dane, Anthony, and Mark now want to focus their attention even more on getting Chelsea or Sam out.

BBCAN7 Week 4 Head of Household Competition:

With a semi-indecisive house, no one should really feel comfortable. It’s time to play for Head of Household or go home. When Thursday’s eviction episode concluded, Kyra was the only one eliminate from the Head of Household competition. It involved trying to not be the last one to hit their button. Temptations would also be given throughout the duration of the competition.

Elimination Order:












Dane becomes the new Head of Household

Some of the prizes offered as temptation are pizza and Have passes. After Dane wins, he can give one person who didn’t get a Have pass, the freedom from being a Have-Not. To show good sportsmanship, he frees Sam from a third week on slop.

Later Anthony and Dane discuss nominating Chelsea and Kyra, then surprise backdooring Sam. Later, Adam tries to convince Dane that he can control Sam’s nominations, and that Kailyn may have made up the all-girls alliance thing to cause drama. Dane doesn’t buy any of it.

Adam and Sam discuss proposing to Dane that if he keeps them safe this week, they’ll keep Este and him safe.

BBCAN7 Week 4 Nominations:

The Double Eviction is Thursday. You don’t want to make the wrong nominations and go into that madness with a big target on your back.

Chelsea tries to convince Dane she didn’t try to make an all girls’ alliance, but he’s not buying it. He then works on driving a wedge between Chelsea and Kyra by telling them that Chelsea formed alliances without them (Kyra). Kyra then asks Chelsea about it, and she admits it’s true but tries to downplay it a bit. Kyra still gets upset about it. Later, Chelsea confronts Adam about whether he told Dane about the all girls alliance. He semi-denies/semi-admits it.

Dane nominates Chelsea and Kyra for eviction.

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