Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 4 Power of Veto Ceremony

The start of the Big Brother Canada 7 week brought some excitement. There was the threat of Dane using his second Head of Household to evict Sam. This would have caused the implosion of the Pretty Boys. It would have been a glorious mess. However, the week didn’t pan out that way.

Instead it’s been a week of Chelsea and kyra drama. And Chelsea’s game continues to look dead. During the Power of Veto competition, Cory surprised many by winning it. This most likely meant that the Veto wouldn’t be used, and Chelsea and Kyra would remain on the block. There would be no backdoor attempt on Sam.

In fact, Dane encouraged Cory not to use it. Surprisingly, the Power of Veto ceremony happened a day early. We’re not sure why, but it could mean the Blood Veto might come into play soon, which would make sense to have it around during the Double Eviction. It could also mean nothing and just happened early because that fit with Big Brother’s schedule.

BBCAN7 Week 4 Power of Veto Ceremony:

  • Cory did not use the Veto. Kyra and Chelsea remain on the block.

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