Who Went Home Tonight on Big Brother Canada 7? Week 3 Live Eviction Recap

Time for another episode of Big Brother Canada 7. Tonight, we watch another person leave the house, a new twist, and the Head of Household competition. We’re in for an exciting hour of game play and entertainment.

When Big Brother Canada 7 ended, Chelsea had executed her plan to backdoor Kailyn. Her ally Sam removed Kiera from the block, so that they could put Kailyn up. All of Chelsea’s allies don’t trust Kailyn, and see her a big threat to their game. If she doesn’t leave the house tonight, Chelsea, Sam, and Adam might be in serious danger.
Along with the Damien vs Kailyn eviction, we finally see who gained access to Leon’s Lounge. Hopefully whoever wins can use their new power for good.

BBCAN7 Power of Veto Ceremony Fall-Out:

Can Kailyn get enough votes to stay? Or is Damien too much of a pawn to go anywhere?

chelsea catches Sam and Adam kissing. Later, Kailyn goes to work making pitches to everyone. She tells Cory that they need to keep her because she will make waves and go after Adam, Chelsea, and Sam. To gain some favor with that side, she goes to tell Chelsea, Sam, and Adam about Kailyn’s pitch.

Kailyn has a house meeting that doesn’t include Adam and Chelsea. She pitches them how they need to get rid of Chelsea and Adam. It was also mainly to tell them about her life. Adam gets mad seeing everyone in the room without him, including the Pretty Boys. Sam overhears Damien reassuring Adam that the target was moved from him to Sam and Chelsea. She then goes to tell Chelsea that Adam and Damien are working together, and trying to get them out of the game.

BBCAN7 Week 3 Eviction Vote:

Adam VTE Kailyn
Anthony VTE Kailyn
Cory VTE Kailyn
Dane VTE Kailyn
Eddie VTE Kailyn
Este VTE Kailyn
Kiera VTE Kailyn
Kyra VTE Kailyn
Mark VTE Kailyn
Sam VTE Kailyn

By 10-0 Kailyn has been evicted.

BBCAN7 Leon’s Lounge Results:

Who got your vote, Canada?

Damien won Canada’s vote. He gets a secret message and must then find a clue to find Leon’s Lounge. He manages to get all three clues without being detected. He gets to the secret room and then gets to pick people to spy on. He picks Mark and Sam. He gets to see their videos of before they entered the Big brother Canada house.

BBCAN7 Week 4 Head of Household Comp:

This week’s Head of House started but didn’t finish. Follow what happens here. For it, houseguests had to hold on to a button. They would be tempted with prizes and treats to get them to move away from the button. At any point throughout the competition, a buzzer will ring. The houseguest who pressed it last would be eliminated until only one winner remained.

Before this broadcast ended, the only one eliminated was Kyra.

Arisa also announced that next Thursday will be a double eviction, likely to start jury time.

Join us again Wednesday at 6:00pm CST/7:00pm EST for another Big Brother Canada 7 recap.
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