Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 4 HOH Results


Tonight’s eviction came down to Kailyn vs. Damien. This is his second time on the block, not a good record with it only being three weeks. This is Kailyn’s first time on the block and her last. Kailyn left the Big Brother Canada 7 house tonight by an unanimous vote, which was to be expected. However, the unexpected came in the form of this week’s Big Brother Canada7 Head of Household competition.

Last week, the houseguests split their vote. Half of them voted to evict Maki and the other half voted to evict Kyra. This left former Head of Household Dane with the decision and power. He ultimately decided to evict Maki. These decisions set up a major house divide.

Though people have tried to do damage control, the sides have been set. For tonight’s Head of Household, everyone wanted to win it to take a big bite out of the other side, especially the Kiki, Eddie, Este, and Damien side because they keep losing numbers. They lost Maki last week and Kailyn this week. So which side gained the power this week?

Big Brother Canada 7 viewers got a treat today with the Head of Household competition playing out live on the feeds. It was the same competition from Big Brother Canada 5. Houseguests had to hold on a buzzer. They would be offered temptations and breaks to see if they could be tempted or mess up and remove their hand from the buzzer. There would also be a point throughout the comp were a buzzer would sound and everyone had to hit their buzzer. The slowest hitter would be eliminated.

Eddie and Kyra were the first two eliminated. Anthony pushed his button too slow and he was the third out. Este was the next to go by being the last to hit her buzzer. Feeds returned to the final four players left: Dane, Cory, Sam, and Damien. Cory then Damien was eliminated. Dane and Sam are the final two and one will become Head of Household.

BBCAN7 Week 4 Head of Household Competition:

  • Dane won Head of Household

Are you happy with these results? Who do you think he will nominate?

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