Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 4 Nominations

Big Brother Canada on Slice
Big Brother Canada on Slice

This Big Brother Canada week is all about Dane and Sam. Two of Adam’s strongest alliance members are against each other, and have been for the last three weeks. Dane and Anthony believe that Sam will be able to manipulate Adam the longer she stays in the game. They want her out before she ruins the Pretty Boys. However, by putting her up, Dane might destroy the Pretty Boys himself.

Dane has promised Sam not to nominate her, but from week 2, Dane proved not to necessarily be a man of his word. He’s been telling everyone but Sam and her allies that he wants to backdoor her this week. The plan is now to eliminate Chelsea or Sam this week. He would prefer Sam, but he’s leaning more towards getting out Chelsea this week. Once again, the actions of this week heavily depend on the Power of Veto.

Dane plans to keep Sam will a false sense of security. He plans to nominate Kyra and Chelsea. If one of them come off the block, Sam goes up and possibly out. If she’s on the block next to Chelsea, there is still a chance she stays. It’ll depend on who the house sees as more of a threat. If she’s on the block next to Kyra, her game might be dead.

BBCAN7 Week 4 Nominations:

  • Dane nominated Chelsea and Kyra

Personally, we see Dane chickening out and just putting all his effort into getting Chelsea out this week instead of Sam. However, if Dane makes the move to nominate Sam without Adam’s blessing, we can’t wait to see the fireworks and the ultimate demise of the Pretty Boys.

Do you think Dane made the right nominations? Will he really backdoor Sam?

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