Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Competition Results

This Big Brother Canada 7 week, it’s all up to the Power of Veto. Since Thursday, Head of Household Dane has discussed plans to backdoor Sam. He believes she is holding the Pretty Boys back from really striving and thriving. As long as she’s around, Adam’s loyalty will be split between his alliance and his showmance. Dane thinks by removing Sam, Adam will be all about the Pretty Boys. However, that probably won’t be the case. We see Adam losing a lot of trust and loyalty with his team if they go after his girl.

Like last week, Dane is focused on his mission to get out either Chelsea or Sam. Adam would prefer they both stay and Kyra goes instead, but Dane won’t let that happen. They (Kyra) are another one of his many chess pieces. Dane isn’t wrong to want to get Sam out now before jury starts, because once it does, Adam and Sam will be a deadly force. They’ll either be a voting unit in the jury house, or competitive threats and alliance mates.

This week is the last chance to get one of them out before jury starts during the Double Eviction. It just comes down to whether Dane really has the guts to take out Sam, knowing it’ll probably make him Adam’s enemy, even if Adam claims he’s fine with taking out Sam eventually.

Earlier today, the Veto players were picked. Per the latest twist, Dane isn’t allowed to play in the competition. This leaves Kyra, Chelsea, and the three selected players, Cory, Sam, and Mark.

So who won this week’s Power of Veto?

BBCAN7 Week 4 Power of Veto Competition:

  • Cory won the Power of Veto

How do you feel about these results? Will the backdoor Sam plan still happen?

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