Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Who Won Access to Leon’s Lounge?

Leon’s Lounge has been introduced into the Big Brother Canada 7 game. Arisa Cox announced during Sunday’s episode that Canada could vote for a houseguest to get special access. They would be allowed to view footage of the house—without anyone being award of it. This is a powerful twist because it’s likely to expose a few players. For one, the Pretty Boys alliance will likely come out because of Leon’s Lounge. Like with Damien, the winner of this vote probably can’t tell anyone what they saw.

However, it will put some targets in their cross hair and let them know who to trust and who to not trust. We expect big repercussions from Big Brother Canada’s Leon Lounge. We’re excited to see it all unfold. Most likely, someone from the underdog side, Damien, Este, Kiki, or Eddie would win access to the lounge, and it was most likely going to be Damien or Kiki. Access to it might help this side out a lot, since they’re kind of lost in the water at the moment.

So who did Canada give access to Leon’s Lounge?

BBCAN7 Leon’s Lounge Vote Results

  • Damien won access to Leon’s Lounge. He chose to spy on Mark and Sam.

Are you happy with these results? Will he use this new advantage wisely?

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