Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Ty Plays Both Sides Of The House

Big Brother Canada 11-Ty and Anika

Ty has been playing a pretty straightforward, alpha Big Brother Canada 11 game. He first tried to dominate the game strategically, but when Kuzie tried to take out his number one ally, Zach, who eventually self-evicted, he had to rethink his plan. He failed strategically because he remained the house’s target. He only briefly got off people’s radar after the Zach situation, but then he put himself right back on it when he won the Head of Household Competition.

For the last few weeks, the remaining Big Brother Canada 11 houseguests have been trying to take out Ty, but his Veto wins have made him the comp beast that cannot be slayed. Smartly, this has made others start to stop trying to fight against him and start trying to get him on their side — at least this week.

We saw this during the Big Brother Canada 11 double eviction when Claudia decided to nominate Daniel and Anika instead of Ty. This move immediately backfired in her face when Ty decided to use the Veto on Anika, forcing Claudia to pick between her best friends Renee and Shanaya. 

Prior to the double eviction, Ty and Claudia had finally got back on the same page in the game. She agreed with him that Shanaya had to go before Renee because Shanaya had better relationships with the players inside the jury and inside the house. She saw Shanaya as being more protected than her in the game.

Big Brother Canada 11-Ty and Claudia

She also saw that Renee and she played different enough games that she could separate her game more from Renee than she could with Shanaya when competing for jury votes. Ty sold Claudia a pretty picture that he wanted to get Renee and Claudia to the final three.

However, Claudia shouldn’t completely believe Ty because he’s been selling Daniel and Anika the same lie. He pretends that he’s completely against Renee and Claudia, and he wants to go to the end with them. He even tells Daniel that he thinks they have the best chance at an equal shot at winning in the final two together.

Surprisingly, Claudia wants Anika out before Daniel, because Claudia has a better relationship with Daniel than Anika. Additionally, Anika winning a physical HOH competition has made her a little bit scarier than Daniel in the game. 

Not so surprisingly, Anika wants to get Claudia out over Renee. She wants Claudia to go this week. Ty is pretending to be okay with Claudia going, but he has been trying to plant seeds that maybe Renee is a better player and more of a competition threat than Claudia.

Big Brother Canada 11-Kuzie and TY

Before she left, Kuzie told Anika to work with Ty. She told her that Ty wants to take Anika to the final two. I believe this is somewhat true. My guess is that he saved Anika during the double eviction because he knows that Shanaya and Renee would vote out Anika over Daniel.

He also wanted to force Claudia to take out Shanaya. Additionally, saving Anika from the Block likely has built trust with them. I don’t think Ty wants to go with Daniel and Anika to the final three or Renee and Claudia in the final three. He wants to go to the final three with Claudia and Anika. This is the most logical and smart move because going with pairs in the final three will definitely result in him being cut unless he wins the final HOH.

Currently, Anika doesn’t have plans to nominate Ty, but she will be repeating the mistake Claudia made during the double eviction. I fully believe if he wins the Veto, Ty will use it to save Claudia, forcing Anika to nominate Daniel. Then Claudia and he will vote out Daniel. I think he definitely has no plans to take out Claudia now that their showmance has resumed. 

It’s interesting that Ty has now evolved to play more of a sneaky game. Surprisingly, it seems to be working. And if Anika makes Claudia’s mistake, he will be one eviction away from ensuring his perfect final three.  If Anika doesn’t nominate Ty, then she only has herself to blame if it results in Daniel’s eviction.

Big Brother Canada-Ty and Daniel

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