Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Ty Paints A Target On His Own Back

Big Brother Canada 11 Claudia and Ty

To quote a Big Brother Canada great, “You were only safe for like an hour.” It seems  Ty has positioned himself once again as a major target. Kuzie and her alliance of Daniel and Anika wanted to use Ty to further their game. Hence why Daniel decided to use the Veto to save him during the “Whodunnit” Week. Ty was also getting himself in the good graces of his showmance partner Claudia and her bestie Shanaya. The only players who still wanted him gone very soon were SantinaHope, and Jonathan, with Renee not really having an opinion.

She just wanted people to stop accusing her of being the Invisible Head of Household. Anika, Kuzie, and Daniel are loyal to each other but were working with Jonathan and Hope as part of The Crown alliance. However, the main trio was not opposed to using Ty when it fits them. They also had plans to get Santina and Renee out before Ty.

Ty won the Head of Household Competition this week. This win reminded the players just why they needed to get Ty out of the game. He’s a good player, but he’s also an arrogant player. Kuzie has been very annoyed with Ty over the last couple of days, but he made it worst after his Head of Household win. Kuzie found his celebration “pompous” and also felt like he was trying to rub his victory in Hope’s face.

Big Brother Canada 11-Hope and Ty

Hope, likely, placed second (but maybe third) in this week’s Head of Household Competition. Ty has been telling Hope that he wants to work with him now, which has also created paranoia among the trio in The Crown. They’re worried that Ty will sway Hope to his side again. The Crown even intercepted Hope being taken to Ty’s Wendy’s date out of fear of what they could discuss.

However, Jonathan tried to reassure them that Hope would not go back to Ty. Hope also happily slapped their hands when they said Ty still needs to go. He plans to play nice with Ty this week to stay off the Block, but he has every intention of targeting him again.

They’re also worried that Hope will leak information to Ty. Jonathan has never swayed on his decision to target Ty, so he has been just encouraging the “we need to get Ty out soon” momentum. However, Anika and Kuzie don’t agree that Ty needs to go next. Anika seems a little bit obsessed with getting out Santina and Renee next.

Big Brother Canada 11-Anika and Kuzie

This seems more personal than strategic because she seems to just not like them. Kuzie pushed back on the “no Renee needs to go next” sentiment by saying that Renee is a much easier player to evict than Ty, especially with him now being ineligible to compete in the next HOH. They’re all assuming that Ty will target Santina this week, so she’s likely gone unless she can pull a miracle Veto win. Therefore, she wasn’t a topic of discussion as much for who needed to go next. They meant who needs to go after Santina.

She’s still their main eviction priority.

Kuzie also didn’t like how Ty treats the trio as part of his numbers but not as actual alliance members. Anika agreed with that issue with Ty as well. Kuzie has seemed to realize that Ty has too big of an ego to cooperate in the way that best fits her game. Additionally, with Dan out of the house, Ty may become the next comp beast of Big Brother Canada 11.

Claudia has performed well in competitions recently. She placed third (or second) in the last endurance HOH competition. This means that Ty and Claudia could potentially become a showmance powerhouse threat, so Kuzie may see that potential issue as well.

If Ty continues to act arrogant while he has power, then Ty could easily become the main target for most of the house once his HOH reign ends.

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