Big Brother Canada 11 Episode 11 Recap: An Invisible POV Creates Chaos

Big Brother Canada 11-Ty and Claudia

Big Brother Canada 11 kicks off yet another week of craziness with the “Whodunnit” Week. We saw Santina gain the first bit of secret power this week. As Head of Household, Santina could have used her secret power any way she saw fit. Therefore, she wanted to hit some big fish in the game. She went after the competition beasts and the two players who were associated most with Zach.

Santina nominated Dan and Ty. Her goal is to get out Dan, but we’re sure she won’t be losing any sleep if Ty leaves as well. Santina’s decision seems like a safe one because Dan is a competition beast and Ty has been playing hard all season. 

On tonight’s Big Brother Canada 11 episode, we’ll watch Ty and Dan try to make their way off the Block. We’ll also watch someone gain the Power of Veto power in secret. Because this is also a secret power, the Veto holder can also use it to save one of the nominees. Will he or she give Ty or Dan another life in the BBCAN game?

Let’s find out.

BBCAN11 Week 4 Nominations Fall-out

Ty has been trying to be chill after his big blowup with Kuzie last week, but Ty and chill are not friends. Therefore, will he keep his cool being on the Block? Dan saw this coming but it can’t be fun to return to the Block.

Everyone thinks its Renee. Santina plays up that Ty is her friend and she would never put him up, but Dan notices that she didn’t say she wouldn’t put him up. Renee tries to defend herself, but no one believes her. She believes it was Santina because she keeps trying to put so much attention on Renee.

Renee gets really irritated by Santina and doesn’t even want to be in the same room as her.

Hope initiates an alliance with Daniel C, Jonathan, Kuzie, and Anika. They name their alliance The Crown.

BBCAN11 Week 4 Power of Veto Competition

This week’s Invisible Veto Competition really allows for someone to make some moves without the blowback of them.

Hope, Daniel C, and Claudia are selected to play in the Veto with Dan and Ty. Ty tries to repair things with Hope to make sure he uses the Veto on him. Hope pretends to be okay with him, but he plans to not work with him.

The players must knock off their bags to then begin stacking them. They first need to figure out how to knock off the weights.  The player with the stack closest to 500 wins. They can also get a reference weight by finding a key to unlock it.

Some try to just guess the weights without the weight reference. Ty spends a lot of time looking for the key to the locked weight reference. With only five minutes left, Ty gives up on the key and starts stacking them.

The winner placed 490 pounds.

Daniel C won the Power of Veto.

The order went as followed: Daniel C, Claudia, Dan, Ty, and Hope. Daniel won by a lot. He tells Anika and Kuzie about his win. Jonathan then tells Daniel, Kuzie, and Anika that Santina won HOH.

He also tells them that Santina plans to nominate Claudia if Ty comes down and Shanaya if Dan comes down. He doesn’t want them to tell anyone about Santina being HOH.

When Jonathan leaves, Kuzie  then tells Daniel to take down Ty because they’re confident that Santina won’t nominate any of them. Jonathan gives them this information because he knows it will help his alliance.

Santina explains that she sees Claudia, Ty, Shanaya, and Dan as a foursome. She wants to break that up and ensure that either Dan or Ty go home. Daniel C confesses to Hope and Jonathan that he won the Veto.

He tells them to make this move look like part of their alliance’s decision, but he sees it as his move. He tells Hope that he wants to take down Ty to ensure that Dan S goes home. They aren’t on board with it at first, because they don’t see the point of it. However, Daniel C wants to use it to leverage a deal with Ty. He also sees Ty as his shield.

Ty and Daniel C discuss the possibility of him using the Veto to save him. He wants them to get on the same page. They discuss getting out Renee next. Daniel C also discusses being a loose thing with him, Claudia, and Anika.

Jonathan and Hope know that if Daniel C uses the Veto on Ty, then he could potential win HOH and target them. They even discuss evicting Ty over Dan because they know that there is no way they can trust Ty.


BBCAN11 Week 4 Power of Veto Ceremony

Will the nominations stay the same or will the Veto be used in secret to save Dan or Ty?

Daniel C uses the Vero on Ty. Santina names Claudia as his replacement.

Other Stuff

It can’t all be game, so let’s look at some of the non-game-related activities for the week.

  • Kuzie tells Daniel C that he’s giving soft, but he doesn’t want to be seen that way.

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