Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Week 4 HOH Results

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It looks like we were right to suspect one of the “I’m not the Head of Household” people of being a liar. It just wasn’t the one most people expected as hiding their power from the other Big Brother Canada 11 houseguests. The Saturday Big Brother Canada 11 Digital Dailies start with the current Head of Household having a conversation about who to target this week.

We want to thank whoever edited this Digital Daily for cluing us into the main thing we wanted to know about this Big Brother Canada 11 week. Thank you to them for also starting the Digital Daily with this info. We also got some confirmation on who the current Head of Household wants to nominate.

Continue on to find out who won the Big Brother Canada week 4 Head of Household.

BBCAN11 Week 4 HOH Results

  • Santina won Head of Household!

I suspected Santina because she tried to protest her winning the HOH too much. On this Digital Daily, she discussed with Jonathan who she would nominate this week. She wants to try to get out Dan. It seems like she also doesn’t plan to nominare Ty but will nominate a woman next to Dan. Ty may be a backup plan if Dan wins the Veto.

Jonathan and Santina now seem to be working together. He encouraged her to maybe try to gain Hope’s loyalty. She just wasn’t sure if she should tell him that she’s the Head of Household. We don’t know who else Santina has told about her win, but probably not many if anyone else.

Santina also revealed that this Head of Household being anonymous, she can also play in next week’s HOH competition.

Are you happy that Santina is the current secret Head of Household?

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