Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Week 4 Power of Veto Competition Results

When Big Brother Canada 11 announced that this week was “Whodunnit” Week, we expected the producers to not reveal any important details with the Digital Dailies, instead, the episodes would be our only source of real details about this week. Imagine our surprise when they started the Digital Daily on Saturday with the current Head of Household explaining the plan for the week with another houseguest.

This unexpected twist made us completely unsure if this would be a regular thing for the week. Would we also find out the Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony results? We had no clue. The only thing we had confidence in about this “Whodunnit” Week was that we would know the initial nominees and the nominees after the Power of Veto Ceremony. 

Everything else remained uncertain. However, we now have more information about the Power of Veto. Head of Household Santina set a plan to evict Dan this week, but with anonymity, she wanted to take the shot at Dan from the start.  Dan also suspected that he would be a nominee for this week, but he thought Jonathan was pulling the strings from behind the curtains. Putting Dan up as an initial nominee is risky because of his performance in competitions so far. 

However, with the Power of Veto holder also likely being a secret this week, that made a fourth backdoor in a row a lot more complicated. Santina had no real other option but to take a shot at Dan and hope that it landed.

So who won this week’s Power of Veto?

BBCAN11 Week 4 Power of Veto Competition Results

  • Daniel won the Power of Veto!

Most of the houseguests believed that Dan won the Power of Veto, especially because it was a physical one and the winner got 490. Hope and Daniel were also selected to play in the Power of Veto, but both denied that they won. Later, Daniel confessed to Hope, Jonathan, and Kuzie that he won the Power of Veto. He doesn’t plan to use it on Dan, but I’m unsure if he will use it on Ty, because Kuzie mentioned that Ty would come down but she may have meant that they planned to keep him in the house this week over Dan.

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