Who Went Home Tonight on Big Brother Canada 11? (4/06/23)

Big Brother Canada 11-Claudia and Dan on the Block

The last two weeks of Big Brother Canada 11 have been really interesting because they’ve allowed the game to reshuffle. Prior to last week, Zach and Ty were dominating the game. Everyone knew about their game dominance, but it seemed like no one was willing to make the necessary move to get one of them out. However, Kuzie‘s Head of Household gave the game a major jolt. This resulted in Zach self-evicting (but he was headed out the door anyway), and Ty had to regroup and find a new place in the Big Brother Canada game.

It also allowed new alliances to form, and it allowed players to feel comfortable enough to start playing their own games. Additionally, it let the house know that big moves could be made without creating too many enemies. Santina took notes from Kuzie’s playbook this week with her Invisible HOH, but her position may not be any better for it. The move to take out Zach really helped Kuzie and her allies, Anika and Daniel C. They may now be in the best position in the house, but Santina may not be as lucky.

Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 11 episode shows any consequences that may come Santina’s way if people start to realize that she’s the Invisible HOH or if Jonathan telling Kuzie, Anika, and Daniel C comes back to haunt them. We’ll also see the next live eviction of the season that will send either Claudia or Dan home. We also don’t know if they’ll go home or to the jury house, because two (technically three) early self-evictions has allowed for a 9 person jury to start this week, but Arisa Cox hasn’t mentioned anything about jury yet.

They may just make it a seven-person jury, which means there are two more evictions before the jury segment of the game begins. Let’s dig into this week’s Big Brother Canada 11 eviction recap.

Arisa starts the show by announcing that tonight’s evictee will be the first person to enter the jury house. She also announces that tonight will be an endurance competition.

BBCAN11 Week 4 Power of Veto Ceremony Fall-Out

Claudia found herself a little blindsided by this week’s nomination. This is her first time on the Block, so how will she react?

Dan and Santina get into a bit of a tiff because she is one of the people he suspects as HOH. Claudia and Ty then discuss whether Santina and Renee are the Invisible Head of Household. Renee comes in the room with Ty, Shanaya, and Claudia to defend herself.

Ty leaves the room to discuss with Dan that he thinks Santina is the HOH. He denies knowing that Daniel C had the Veto and saved him. Ty then confronts Santina about being the HOH. She tries to deny it but he doesn’t believe her. He tells her that if he’s HOH next week, she’s his target. He comes to the conclusion that she must be the HOH because she wasn’t happy when he came off the Block.

She says it was just because she was worried that she’d go up next. Ty then tells Renee that Santina told him that she was the HOH. It leads to an argument involving Santina, Anika (who jumps in when her name is mentioned), Dan, Ty, and Renee. Meanwhile, Kuzie dances in the pantry because she’s not involved in the drama.

Claudia tells Anika and Kuzie that she would target Renee and Santina if she wins the HOH. She wants to work them as a girl’s thing. Dan finds out that Zach and Ty originally wanted to cut him and he goes to try to flip the votes.

BBCAN11 Week 4 Eviction Results

Who will become the official third person evicted from the game but the sixth person out the BBCAN11 doors?

Anika voted to evict Dan S.

Daniel C voted to evict Dan S.

Hope voted to evict Dan S.

Jonathan voted to evict Dan S.

Kuzie voted to evict Dan S.

Renee voted to evict Dan S.

Shanaya voted to evict Dan S.

Ty voted to evict Dan S.

Dan becomes the first member of the BBCAN11 jury.

BBCAN4 Week 5 HOH Starts

The houseguests must hang on to their buoy and the houseguest to stay the longest becomes the Head of Household.

Other Stuff

  • Hello Fresh provides them with ingredients to make a homemade family meal. They have a dinner and talk about why they’re grateful to be in the game.
  • Everyone celebrates when they learn that they will all to go jury.
  • Kuzie wins a $100 Winners gift card from winning a Canada vote for a moment.
  • There is another Canada’s safety voteCanada’s safety vote.

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