Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: The House Sets Its Next Targets

Big Brother Canada 11-Claudia and Santina

This Big Brother Canada 11 week pretty much seems done. The final nominees are set and the house seems set on its eviction decision. However, the nominees are still fighting for their place in the game. Some are doing a better job of campaigning than others, but they’re both fighting for their place in the Big Brother Canada game.

With an invisible Head of Household after a week of insanity, tensions still remain high for the houseguests. There are still fights, still alliance shifts, and still big bright targets emerging. One houseguest may see themselves going from the top all the way to the bottom next week.

Apparently, Ty and Santina got into a big argument this week. My guess is that he figured out that Santina was the Invisible Head of Household and didn’t like that she put him on the Block. He also might not have been happy that she named Claudia as his replacement. It seems that everyone in the house has figured out that Santina is the Invisible HOH.

Anika and Claudia openly talked about it with Kuzie. Santina is still trying to hide it but they all seem to know — possibly because Jonathan told them. Kuzie mentioned that Jonathan was the only one who knew Santina was the Invisible HOH. However, Hope and Jonathan spoke about Santina also telling Hope that she was it.

Big Brother Canada 11-Anika, Jonathan, Hope, and Kuzie

Any possibility of Ty and Santina joining forces again seems completely over. He even told Claudia–apparently–to not associate with Santina, but Claudia didn’t allow him to influence who she associated with in the game. He also seems on a mission to get  Santina out of the house next. Despite not completely cutting off ties with Santina, Claudia also wants her out of the game next.

Kuzie and Anika do as well. Jonathan and Hope, however, really want Santina to be part of their alliance. Jonathan and Hope seem like the only houseguests who won’t target Santina next. Jonathan and Hope still have eyes on taking out Ty.

Kuzie may have told Ty that Daniel C saved him from the Block and she influenced it. Because of this save, Ty now believes that he can form an alliance with her, Anika, Daniel C, and Claudia. Daniel C and Anika still don’t trust Ty and now they’re becoming a little wary of Kuzie. 

They have no plans to target her, but they know they may have to get her out when given the chance. Daniel brought up her popularity in the game and he suspects that she told Ty what happened with the Veto. Anika and Kuzie spoke of targeting Santina and Renee. They want them to be the next out. Anika then mentioned getting out Ty after them. 

Big Brother Canada 11-Daniel C and Anika

Jonathan also talked to them about his worry that Ty may be able to manipulate his way back into groups and alliances. Hope also had some concerns about Kuzie and Ty’s relationship. He asked her about their conversation and Kuzie kind of felt like it shows that he doesn’t completely trust her, which is not great if they’re trying to work together in the game. 

Jonathan came to Kuzie later to apologize for Hope asking her about Ty. Anika speculated later with Kuzie that Hope may have been worried about Kuzie and Ty because Santina is getting in his head. There is the worry that Hope and Santina may be closer aligned than people believe. This is why Daniel C is considering nominating Hope and Santina together. He worries about Hope’s immaturity and the fact that he can switch up his allegiance so quickly. Anika, Kuzie, and Daniel C also worry that Hope may leak information by accident.

The group of Hope, Jonathan, Daniel C, Kuzie, and Anika spoke about not being seen as much together anymore. Dan S mentioned forming a group with them, so his pitch let them know that people may now view them as an alliance. 

Claudia campaigned to Santina, and her main pitch was that Ty and her were playing a separate game. Personally, she likes him but doesn’t think they’re together in the game. She also mentioned the possibility of taking out Ty. However, it didn’t seem like she was really considering that idea, at least not right now in the game.

Big Brother Canada 11-Claudia and Santina

Nevertheless, Santina kind of latched on to that idea and kept trying to encourage Claudia to go that route. She talked about how it would make her a legend, etc. Kuzie, Anika, and Daniel C also talked about being annoyed that Santina nominated Claudia and not Shanaya. They don’t feel like Shanaya has had to do anything in the game yet. 

Right now, everyone but Jonathan, Hope, and maybe Renee would go after Santina next week. It seemed like Kuzie wanted to try to get Jonathan and Hope to also target Santina, but I doubt they would, especially because they know they have her as an ally. If Santina doesn’t win the Head of Household again, then we expect her to be one of the potential three nominees (the third would be if the POV ceremony changes the initial nominations). It’s also looking like some combination of Hope, Renee, and Santina as the general nominees or targets for next week, with Shanaya also being an option.

Santina may be in this position because her first week Head of Household seemed to create this idea that she couldn’t be trusted. Ty going up on her second HOH just confirms this because Ty and she were closely aligned at some point. It also doesn’t help her that now she’s won several competitions.

Kuzie, Anika, and Daniel C have gotten themselves into the best positions in the house right now. Jonathan is also sitting pretty unless Ty wins the HOH and can’t take out Santina or Hope, he may try to target Jonathan after them.

Big Brother Canada-Anika and Kuzie

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