Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Who Won Canada’s Safety Vote (Week 5)?

Big Brother Canada on Slice
Big Brother Canada on Slice

The Big Brother Canada 11 safety vote must be an every-other-week thing. We had a vote in week 1, which saved Claudia. Then there was a safety vote in week 3 and it saved Jonathan from the Block. Neither of these players actually needed safety those weeks, but guess it’s nice to know that Canada wants to keep you safe for a week.

None of these winners are shocking because Claudia was quite vocal in the first two episodes of Big Brother Canada 11. She was actively trying to get the guys out of the game. Jonathan showed himself to be a very loyal player during the prior eviction by fighting so hard to keep Roberto in the house. Of course, Canada wanted to keep the only man to go against the status quo in the game. This week’s Canada safety vote is a little harder to predict.

Claudia and Jonathan are now ineligible to win the vote as prior winners, and as the current Head of Household Ty is also ineligible to win the vote, but, honestly, he had no shot at winning it. This leaves only Renee, Shanaya, Santina, Hope, Kuzie, Anika, and Daniel as players who could receive safety.

Shanaya and Anika are probably not going to win it because they aren’t on the show enough to win over the general public. Hope, Kuzie, Renee, Daniel, and Santina have a chance to win it, but it’s more likely going to go to either Renee, Daniel, or Santina this week for playing such a major role in last week’s Big Brother Canda 11 episodes.

Daniel is unlikely to win it because many viewers weren’t too excited to see him take Ty off the Block. Hope also be a potential winner if the general public just really likes Hope. However, it seemed like this week’s safety would either go to Santina or Renee. Renee because people may feel sorry for her for being blamed as the Invisible Head of Household, and Santina may win it because she needs it the most and took a shot at Ty and Dan last week.

Nevertheless, this week’s vote is extremely unpredictable, so anyone could really win it, but who actually won it?

BBCAN11 Week 5 Safety Vote

  • Canada gave safety to for the week to Santina. 

This isn’t 100 percent confirmed and may be subject to change, but Santina was not nominated by Ty this week and the house isn’t even considering her as a potential backdoor. She seems completely exempt from nominations, which likely means she got the Belairdirect Insurance safety.

Are you happy with this week’s Canada safety winner?

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