Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: The Women Unite Against Ty

Big Brother Canada 11-Ty, Kuzie, Anika, Renee, Claudia, Santina, Shanaya, and Ty

This Big Brother Canada 11 week is less about which nominee will go next and more about how Ty put himself in the worst position possible. Zach leaving the game should have been a warning to Ty to play his game differently. Then Santina winning the Belairdirect Protection Insurance safety should have been another warning to Ty that Canada may not like his game. Ty has made some really questionable decisions this week.

Instead of showing complete loyalty to any houseguests or side, he’s been playing some weird middle game that has angered almost everyone in the house. He angered Claudia, Shanaya, and Renee by nominating and targeting Renee. He then furthered this division by trying to control what Shanaya did with the Power of Veto — after selecting her for the Veto Competition as a way to test her loyalty.

Then he angered Daniel, Kuzie, and Anika‘s side by not selecting any of them for the Power of Veto Competition. He’s also been trying to dictate their votes this week. Ty has proven his allegiance to no one but continues to try to “persuade” everyone to think and act in the way he sees fit. Kuzie and Anika discussed who to evict this week between Jonathan and Hope.

Big Brother Canada 11-Ty, Kuzie, Anika, Renee, Claudia, Santina, Shanaya

They see Jonathan as a better asset for their game because he’s not as easy to persuade. They worry that Ty will be able to manipulate Hope back to his side. Anika and Kuzie also want to make sure there aren’t too many physical players remaining in the game.

Jonathan eventually comes to campaign to Kuzie and Anika to stay in the game. He also tells them that he thinks he has Claudia, Renee, and Shanaya’s votes to stay. Kuzie and Anika decided to find those three and talk things out because they know there is a lot of division and distrust between the two main trios.

Renee explains why she doesn’t know if she can trust them. Basically, she feels that she was going to be voted out if she stayed on the Block. The groups then start talking about how Ty has been trying to keep them divided by making them afraid of each other. He tells each group that the other plans to go after them. He also told Shanaya that everyone would be mad at her if she used the Veto to save Renee.

Big Brother Canada 11-Anika, Claudia, and Kuzie

Kuzie figured out that Ty has been doing this to keep them going after each other and not thinking about targeting him. Eventually, Santina walks in on the conversation and things get a little awkward. However, they continue the conversation but are a little less animated than before. They all agree that Ty has to be the target for next week.

Santina tries to figure out the votes this week because she’s torn. She’s close with both Hope and Jonathan. Renee admits that her trio plans to keep Jonathan and vote out Hope this week. They don’t know if they can fully trust Hope and they worry that he can be swayed. Jonathan is a lot more reliable as a player. 

Kuzie and Anika play up that they still don’t know who they will vote out this week — despite them deciding to keep Jonathan over Hope already. Santina, however, does actually still seem very conflicted. She cites Jonathan having a tough time in the game as her possible reason for voting him out. Santina doesn’t want to force him to stay in the game if it’s going to cause him too much stress and anxiety. Jonathan also mentioned being drained by the game, but he wanted to continue to fight to become the winner of Big Brother Canada 11. Later, Santina tells Jonathan her concerns about keeping him.

Big Brother Canada 11-Jonathan and Santina

She believes Hope is better for her game, but she doesn’t feel right in her heart voting out Jonathan, especially because she doesn’t believe he had a chance to really fight for his life (because he didn’t compete in the Veto Competition). Santina said she will vote to keep Jonathan if that’s what he wants. She just wants him to take a day and decide on it. She then wants him to get back to her about whether he wants to stay or go to the jury house.

During the women’s conversation, Santina also brings up the elephant in the room that there are two trios and she’s floating on an island alone. She mentions her worries about being an easy person to nominate next to Ty because she has no one in the game. She hopes they don’t nominate her. The other women don’t give her reassurance that she’s not going up on the Block with Ty. 

Later, Renee and Santina talk one-on-one. She tells Renee that her vote will likely reflect what side she chooses to go to in the game Santina just hopes whoever she picks actually has her back. Renee also mentions that she still doesn’t know if she can trust Kuzie and Anika’s side so didn’t want to say too much about her plans in their women’s meeting.

The long conversation with the women also had a hilarious moment when Ty walks in right as they’re plotting his demise. Despite the women trying to at least temporarily cease fire until Ty leaves the game, there seems to still be a barrier and distrust. Therefore, this conversation may not get them to not go after each other, but it may at least keep Ty as everyone’s number one target until he leaves the Big Brother Canada 11 game.

Big Brother Canada 11-Renee and Santina

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