Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Did Someone Win A Secret Power?

Big Brother Canada 11-Santina

We saw in one of the early Big Brother Canada 11 episodes that Santina found something in the library. She takes it and then what happens next is never seen again. It’s almost a forgotten Big Brother Canada 11 storyline. Clearly, the library has clues all in it but the one she found was likely just the first of many clues for a hunt for something. 

We don’t know if anyone but Santina found any more clues. However, today’s Digital Daily seemed to hint that someone may have solved the library book mystery and whatever prize comes with it. Claudia casually mentioned that the library was locked earlier. The houseguests speculate whether something happened in there or if it was just temporarily closed to get them to go to another room. They also mentioned that it was locked before for an unknown reason.

Later, Ty, Hope, and Daniel start looking for clues in the library. Ty finds one book that clearly has something ripped out of it. They begin to worry that someone may have found a power of some sort. The thing about these Digitial Dailies is that they are heavily edited and only include a fraction of what happens in the Big Brother Canda 11 game. 

Big Brother Canada-Ty, Hope, and Daniel

The editors wouldn’t include a couple of clips about this unless it will become important in a future episode. My guess is that someone (whether Santina or someone else) found the clues and began searching for whatever prize comes with it. They likely already won this prize and we’ll see it play out either in this week’s episodes or during next week’s episodes.


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Are you excited to see who won this and what the prize entailed? Do you think Santina won it or someone else?

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