Big Brother Canada 11 Episode 14 Recap: A Showmance In Trouble

Big Brother Canada 11

Ty is the Head of Household and he wanted to take out Santina, but Canada said not so fast. They gave her the final Belairdirect Protection Insurance safety. This saved her from the Block and eviction this week. However, it pushed Renee closer to the fire. Now, she must save herself or Ty plans to work hard to get her out, even if it hurts Claudia‘s game.

Ty and Claudia have not been on the same page game-wise all season. However, now this game division is started to annoy Claudia, especially when Ty tries to actively take out her friends and allies. We saw some of this division starting to grow on Tuesday’s Big Brother Canada 11 episode, but tonight it may boil over after the Power of Veto Competition.

Renee really needs to win it or she’ll likely be the one going out the doors on Thursday. She only really has Shanaya and Claudia in the game. Hope is part of The Crown, so he’ll be saved by them. He’s also closer to Santina than Renee is in the game. He’ll likely have her vote to stay. It’s going to be another interesting Big Brother Canada 11 night as we see how the Veto shakes out and what it means for the game going forward.

BBCAN11 Week 5 Nominations Fall-Out

Claudia didn’t want to see her friend on the Block, but Ty ignored her attempt to save her. Will Claudia just move past it or will it start to create tension in their relationship?

Kuzie says that Hope risked the Crown’s game by putting himself on the Block. He promises that to not volunteer to go on the Block again. Renee and Claudia don’t trust Kuzie. They think she controls the vote and says everyone playing her game.

Claudia shares with Ty that Renee talks about Kuzie running Ty’s game. Kuzie happens to be in the room and he worries that she heard them. Ty goes to find Kuzie to fix everything with her

He puts the blame on Renee and not Claudia because he wants to protect her.

BBCAN11 Week 5 Power of Veto Competition

Renee and Hope are competing to save their game lives. Let’s see who else joins them in this Veto Competition. Santina, Claudia, and Shanaya (via houseguest’s choice) are picked to play in the Veto. Kuzie isn’t happy that she picked Shanaya because it doesn’t make sense if he wants Renee out.

They talk about it after and he explains that he didn’t want to expose who he’s working with. He also doesn’t think that Shanaya will win the Veto.

The houseguests have to go head-to-head in several rounds to fix their fence and then collect debris. The first round is Hope against Santina. Hope wins.

He advances to the next round. Renee and Shanaya are against each other in the next round which involves putting trees in a puzzle hole. Then they have to remove tires and roll them into a rack. Shanaya is way ahead of Renee, but Renee starts to catch up.

Shanaya wins the second match. It’s Claudia vs Hope in the next round. They have to put together a puzzle to build a sidewalk.

Claudia does much better than Hope. It’s Claudia versus Shanaya in the final round. They must roll four balls into their correct position.

Claudia is leaning towards keeping the nominations the same but wants to win the $5,000 that comes with winning it. Shanaya wants to win to use the Veto and keep herself safe.

It’s a close match between them. They keep scoring right after each other. It gets down to who will get the final ball in first. Shanaya gets hers first.

Shanaya wins the Power of Veto!

She plans to take Renee off the Block. Shanaya knows that she will have pressure not to use the Veto but wants to just get to the Ceremony. She then celebrates her win with Claudia and Renee.

Ty wants to try to get Shanaya to not use the Veto because he doesn’t want to upset Kuzie by putting up one of her allies. Ty basically tells Claudia, Renee, and Shanaya that there will be consequences if Shanaya uses the Veto to save Renee. He even implies that Claudia may go up as her replacement. He tells them that he can’t work with them if they make this move.

The Crown came together to make a plan to try to convince Shanaya to not use the Veto. Hope has to distract Renee so they can start their plan. Anika, Kuzie, and Daniel gather Claudia and Shanaya in a room. They try to tell Shanaya to not use the Veto. They try to blame Renee as the Invisible HOH. They tell her that she will have them if she doesn’t use the Veto.

She doesn’t really listen and talks about feeling overwhelmed.  She says she’s leaning towards not using the Veto. She has to decide if saving Renee will hurt or hinder her game down the line.

BBCAN11 Week 5 Power of Veto Ceremony

What will happen at this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony? Will someone use the Veto to save either Renee or Hope?

Shanya decides to use the Veto on Renee. Ty names Jonathan as her replacement. Either Hope or Jonathan will be going home during Thursday’s Live Eviction.

Other Things

Will there be more wars over waffles?

  • Not much non-game content in this episode

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