Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Santina Picks A Side?

Big Brother Canada 11-Santina and Jonathan

The Big Brother Canada 11 house now is currently divided in two with a few people floating in the middle. Though Hope and Jonathan are part of The Crown, everyone knows that Daniel, Anika, and Kuzie are most loyal to each other. Additionally, Hope is with the Crown but he seems like a player who can be swayed in one direction or another.

The other side of the house consists of Renee, Claudia, and Shanaya. Ty wants to be part of the Daniel, Kuzie, and Anika group, but his relationship with Claudia also means that he’s somewhat aligned with her, even if he’s going after her allies.

Then there is Santina. She has been a threat to most of the players all Big Brother Canada 11. However, she was (briefly) aligned with Ty. Now, she’s aligned with no one but has a close friendship with Jonathan and Hope. With one of them leaving the Big Brother Canada game this week, Santina needs to find something solid with either side of the house.

Neither side really wants to work with Santina, but they both know they need her, at least for this week. She’s a number and may help them advance further. On Wednesday, Santina had conversations with multiple people that made it seem like she wanted to align with the Kuzie, Anika, and Daniel side of the house.

Big Brother Canada 11-Santina and Kuzie

She had these conversations with Hope and Jonathan as well as Kuzie, so it seems like her true feelings are that she wants to align with Kuzie’s group. We believe these conversations because she wants to work with Hope or Jonathan depending on who stays, so she has no reason to lie to them. She just doesn’t trust the other side of Shanaya, Renee, and Claudia. She knows they will use her this week and then discard her when she’s no longer valuable to their games. She also mentioned even wanting one of them out before Ty.

Generally, she also just rather see Kuzie, Anika, or Daniel win the game (if she can’t win) over Renee, Claudia, and Shanaya. Because Santina has chosen this side, this also means she plans to vote out Jonathan this week. She just sees Jonathan as someone that side can work with but sees no way that Hope works with them.

Shanaya and Renee spoke about this themselves. They don’t see a chance that Hope works with them. They also view Santina and Hope as a duo, which is another reason they want to separate this pair. They also seem to suspect that Jonathan is leaving if they can’t get Santina to vote with them.

Therefore, they’re debating whether to just vote out Jonathan to be with the majority and not make themselves an easier target for Hope. Jonathan also seems to suspect his game is over. He’s been going around campaigning but also saying goodbye to everyone. He’s been bringing many people to tears with his kindhearted speeches to them.

Big Brother Canada 11-Renee and Shanaya

Santina pitched to Kuzie the idea of working with Anika, her, and Daniel. She wants to see them as the final three at least and then Daniel or Hope as the fourth. She thinks they all deserve to win. Kuzie also mentioned that she’ll be honest with Santina when she’s ready to go after her in the game.

Kuzie later talked to Daniel about Santina’s pitch of them all working together. She said she didn’t quite buy that Santina wants to make the final four with them. Daniel said he can believe it somewhat, but they still seem on the fence about her.

As of now, Santina is the deciding vote for tonight’s eviction. Kuzie, Anika, and Daniel plan to vote out Jonathan, and Renee, Claudia, and Shanaya plan to vote out Hope. Santina will either break the tie by evicting Jonathan, or the entire house will just vote out Jonathan. However, we only know what happened Wednesday on the Big Brother Canada 11 Live Feeds from some heavily edited content.

Big Brother Canada 11-Hope and Jonathan

This could all be a trick and Hope actually goes to the jury house tonight instead of Jonathan. We will have to wait and see.

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