Who Was Evicted Tonight on Big Brother Canada 11? (4/13/23)

Big Brother Canada 11-Jonathan and Hope

The Crown is just getting started in the Big Brother Canada 11 game, but they are already about to lose a member. They no longer have the majority. However, a solid four-person alliance is better than a solid-three person alliance. Kuzie, Anika, and Daniel must decide if Hope or Jonathan is better for their game.

The other side, which consists of Shanaya, Claudia, and Renee, doesn’t know about The Crown. Therefore, this vote is also crucial for them. They want to keep Hope or Jonahan in the game depending on how likely the player is to work with them. They’re leaning more toward evicting Hope because Ty wants to keep him in the game.

To them, this means that Hope is more likely to work with Ty instead of them. This is one of the most critical Big Brother Canada 11 evictions. It creates clear divisions in the game and takes out a player who has real potential to win the game.

Let’s dive right into this week’s Big Brother Canada 11 eviction recap.

BBCAN11 Week 5 Power of Veto Ceremony Fall-out

The Crown will lose a major member this week. Will they start to plan retaliation against Ty?

Hope begins to cry the minute Jonathan is on the Block. Jonathan also says how Hope is like a little brother and campaigning against him will be hard. Ty goes to apologize to Jonathan for nominating him. He then tries to put the blame on Shanaya for using the Veto to save Renee.

Claudia is shocked by the house’s reaction and tries to talk to Ty about it, but he doesn’t want to talk about it because he thinks she made a bad move. He tells her to go work with Shanaya if she wants to.

Ty then goes to a distraught Anika and Hope, with Daniel in the room. Kuzie then joins. He apologizes to them and says he tried his best for this not to happen. Anika now wants to go after Shanaya for using the Veto.

Shanaya, Renee, and Claudia are offended that no one care when they were in danger. They are also nervous about going back into the groups since everyone is so mad at them. Santina tells Renee congrats but it sounds sarcastic and Renee calls her out for it. Santina says she was actually being genuine.

Anika and Kuzie are torn between who to evict this week. They see both Jonathan and Hope as valuable members of the Crown. Jonathan and Hope both work on getting the votes to stay. They try to prove they’re valuable to the Crown. Jonathan also realizes that Santina could be the swing vote.

All the women get together and discuss possible working together to get out Ty. They also discuss their votes for the week.

BBCAN11 Week 5 Eviction Vote

Who will become the second member of the Big Brother Canada 11 jury?

Anika voted to evict Jonathan.

Claudia voted to evict Hope.

Daniel voted to evict Jonathan.

Kuzie voted to evict Jonathan.

Renee voted to evict Hope.

Santina voted to evict Jonathan. 

Shanaya voted to evict Hope. 

4-3, Jonathan is evicted.

BBCAN11 Week 6 HOH Begins

What type of Head of Household Competition will we see this week?

The Head of Household must answer questions about the Special K room changes. Whoever gets it correct advances to the next round. However, if they get it wrong, the other person advances. The person to survive the round then selects which two people will compete next.

Round 1: Anika versus Claudia- Claudia gets it correct.

Round 2: Santina and Hope-Hope gets it correct.

Round 3: Renee and Claudia-Claudia gets it correct.

Round 4: Hope and Kuzie-Hope is eliminated.

Round 5: Shanaya and Claudia-Shanaya is eliminated.

Round 6: Kuzie and Daniel-Daniel is eliminated.

Round 7: Kuzie and Claudia-Kuzie is correct.

Kuzie is the nee Head of House!

Arisa announces that someone will be going home on Tuesday as part of a fatal feast. We can assume this may be one of those eliminations where everyone picks someone to save. If this is true, then likely Ty or Santina will be the next eliminated as the players most outside an alliance.

Other Stuff

  • Daniel makes an attempt to figure out the clues in the library room while everyone is sleep.
  • Claudia decides to end her showmance with Ty because of how he has spoken to her the last several weeks. The things he has done over the last few weeks has shown her that they can’t be together in the game.

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