Who Was Evicted Tonight During The Big Brother Canada 11 Double Eviction? (4/27/23)

Big Brother Canada 11-Kuzie and Claudia

The double evictions are such an exciting time during any North American Big Brother season. They raise the stakes and keep the entire hour interesting. It’s also a time to stress about your favorites possibly leaving the game. Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 11 double eviction should be no different. It’s going to be an exciting and scary hour of action.

On the last episode of Big Brother Canada 11, we saw Renee take a shot at Kuzie by nominating her for eviction. Kuzie was more than a little annoyed by the situation, and she vowed her revenge against Renee. Now Anika and Kuzie are sitting on the Block. One of them will become the first person evicted from the Big Brother Canada 11 house tonight.

Things aren’t looking great for Kuzie’s game, but she’s not a player to sit around and let herself be evicted. She will fight for her place in the Big Brother Canada 11 game, but is it too late?

Let’s dive right into the action.

BBCAN11 Week 7 POV Ceremony Fall-Out

Kuzie told Renee to “shut up,” so yeah tension is high. Can Kuzie save her game?

Shanaya, Renee, and Claudia feel awkward after the POV Ceremony, so they head upstairs to the HOH room. Kuzie goes to campaign. She pitches that she will go after Anika and Daniel before the Girlie Pops.

Renee breaks down a bit about the shut up comment and Kuzie apologizes. She said that she never meant to hurt her feelings. Claudia questions whether she should keep Kuzie, but Shanaya doesn’t buy it.

Claudia realizes that Anika and Daniel will probably go after her next. Shanaya is shocked that Renee and Claudia may keep Kuzie. Shanaya tells Renee that Kuzie will come after her next.

Daniel and Kuzie get into a bit of an argument because she calls him spineless. He says that she is the spineless person. Kuzie calls him a follower.

BBCAN11 Week 7 Eviction Vote

Claudia voted to evict Kuzie.

Daniel voted to evict Kuzie. 

Shanaya voted to evict Kuzie.

Ty voted to evict Anika.

Kuzie is evicted, 3-1

BBCAN11 Week 7.5 HOH Results

Who will win HOH and guarantee their spot in the final five?

The Head of Household Competition started last night with screams in the middle of the night and past houseguests coming to pose as part of a murder mystery crime scene. It’s Moose, Betty, Sarah, and Adam that return to the game.

They must solve who murdered Adam. Shanaya and others try to remember all the details. They must answer true or false questions about it. The houseguest with most correct after seven wins HOH

Question #1- All are correct.

Question #2- Shanaya, Anika, Daniel are correct.

Question #3- Everyone but Shanaya is correct.

Question #4- Claudia is correct.

Question #5- Everyone is incorrect.

Question #6- Everyone is correct.

Question #7- Claudia is correct.

Claudia is the new Head of Household.

BBCAN11 Week 7.5 HOH Nominations

Who will end up on the Block with so few players left? 

Claudia nominates Anika and Daniel for eviction.

BBCAN11 Week 7.5 Power of Veto Competition

Who will win this critical POV Competition? Will it save one of the nominees?

The houseguests have to smash pots to find puzzle pieces. There are only five. They then have to complete a puzzle. The first to do it correctly wins Veto.

Ty finds all five first and wins the Veto again.

BBCAN11 Week 7.5 Power of Veto Ceremony?

Will the nominations stay the same or change?

Ty tells Claudia that he plans to use the Veto, and he wants her to nominate Shanaya. Claudia, Shanaya, and Renee breakdown about having to split up and her picking one of them.

Ty uses the Veto on Anika. Claudia names Shanaya as her replacement.

BBCAN11 Week 7.5 Eviction Vote

Anika voted to evict Shanaya.

Renee voted to evict Daniel.

Ty voted to evict Shanaya.

Shanaya is evicted.

Other Stuff

  • Dan says that Jonathan, Santina, and him have become besties. They all discuss The Crown.
  • Santina is a little hurt that Hope didn’t have her back in the house. He apologizes to her but she’s still a little mad.

Make sure to join us tomorrow to find out who won the next Head of Household Competition–solidifying their place in the final four. With only a few weeks left of Big Brother Canada 11 season, you won’t want to miss any of the action. Therefore, make sure to follow us on Facebook, and Twitter, and download our app for all things BBCAN11.