Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Week 8 HOH Results

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Claudia, Ty, Renee, Anika, and Daniel have become the final five Big Brother Canada 11 houseguests. One of them will secure their spot in the final four by winning this week’s Head of Household competition. It will not be Claudia. She is the outgoing Head of Household and is now ineligible to win HOH. This means either Daniel, Anika, Renee, or Ty will win the Head of Household and become the first person in the final four.

It’s every man for himself or herself this week as Renee will be the sole Girlie Pop in the Head of Household Competition, with Claudia ineligible and Shanaya out of the game. Daniel and Anika are still a team so if either of them wins, it’s good for both of them unless something goes wrong with the Power of Veto Competition.

During the double eviction, Ty claimed that he wanted to take Claudia and Renee to the final three. Ty has been pretty honest in the game, and he spoke about not liking how Daniel and Anika treated Kuzie during her final few days in the house. 

Kuzie is also now rooting for Renee. Therefore, he may really be trying to take Claudia and Renee to the final three because he sees them as better players than Anika and Daniel. He has often spoken about wanting to get to the end with strong players. Therefore, Ty winning the Head of Household might not be terrible for Claudia and Renee.

Of the people playing in this week’s HOH Competition, Ty and Renee have both won one Head of Household Competition, and Anika and Daniel have won none. Nevertheless, Daniel has won a Veto and come close to winning a few competitions. Anyone could really win this week’s Head of Household Competition,  but who won it?

BBCAN11 Week 8 HOH Results

  • Anika won the Head of Household!

Apparently Anika has already told Renee and Claudia that she will nominate them. Anika has made the top four but this is the week that the Veto is critical. Anika told Kuzie before she left that she wanted one of those girls out. Additionally, Kuzie instructed Anika to work with Ty, so she may have no plans to target him unless Renee or Claudia win the Veto.

Are you happy with the results?

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