Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Week 8 HOH Nominations

This week, Claudia learned an extremely valuable lesson: don’t trust Ty completely.  He can and will take that opportunity to get your closest ally out of the game when the opportunity presents itself. The chances of this happening double when you leave him off the Block.  Claudia’s move isn’t terrible for her Big Brother Canada 11 game, because it likely made Ty trust her a little more.

This means that he may no longer see her as someone trying to stop his Big Brother Canada 11 game. He may see her as a potential game partner. With Kuzie out of the game, Ty needs allies if he’s going to make it to the end without having to win every single important competition.

Before Kuzie left the game, she told Anika that Ty wanted to work with her. Therefore, Anika believes this and apparently wants to work with him going forward. Daniel also (somewhat) believes that Ty may want to work with him as well, but he’s not that convinced. 

Daniel is smart for not trusting Ty because Ty told Kuzie that he has no problem targeting Daniel. He wasn’t happy with how Daniel didn’t give Kuzie his vote. He took this as a sign that he couldn’t truly work with Daniel in the game. As Head of Household, Anika has targets in mind. She even told them prior to the nominations. Anika made it known that she wanted to target Claudia and nominate her and Renee for eviction. 

However, Daniel has to see how terrible of a move that could be because of what just happened with Claudia and Shanaya. He doesn’t want to be the Shanaya in the situation. He will likely try to convince Anika to nominate Ty and Claudia. Therefore, if Ty wins Veto, he can’t use it to save Claudia. He can only use it to save himself.

However, we’re not sure that Anika will listen. Kuzie also advised her (indirectly) to not work with Daniel. She told her to put all her trust in Ty. If Anika took Kuzie’s advice seriously, then Anika may ignore Daniel’s warning and take the risk by keeping Ty off the Block.

So who did Anika end up nominating for this Big Brother Canada 11 week?

BBCAN11 Week 8 HOH Nominations

  • Anika nominated Claudia and Renee for eviction.

We may be in for a repeat of history this week. Stay tuned to find out.

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