Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers: Week 8 Power of Veto Competition Results

There is one more Power of Veto Competition before we reach the end of Big Brother Canada 11. It holds all the important power that week. It allows someone to stay off the Block or remove themselves from it. Then, it allows that houseguest to become the sole vote to send someone home. They basically have the most power that week. They determine the final spot in the final three players. This week’s Power of Veto is not as important, but it’s pretty significant. 

It helps determine the second spot in the final four. It also dictates who has the votes this week. Therefore, everyone needed to win this Veto. It could guarantee their safety and allow them some control in such a critical week.

Current Head of Household Anika made a questionable choice this week by keeping Ty off the Block. Ty told Daniel and Anika that he was fine with sending Claudia out of the game this week. However, he told Renee and Claudia that he wanted to use the Veto to save one of them. This would force Anika to nominate Daniel. This would allow them to vote out Daniel over whoever remained on the Block. Both sides of the house are being played by Ty.

Statistically, Ty had the best odds of winning this week’s Power of Veto competition because he has won the last three Veto competitions, four if you count the Fatal Feast safety competition. However, if his Veto winning streak finally comes to an end, then this could also be the perfect week to get him out.

So who won this very critical Veto? 

BBCAN11 Week 8 Power of Veto Results

  • Ty won the Power of Veto!

Currently, as expected, likely Ty plans to use the Veto to save Claudia. This will force Anika to nominate Daniel and his game will likely be over unless Ty tries to split or flip the vote to get out Renee.

Are you happy with the results?

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