Big Brother Canada 11 Episode 8 Recap: Will The Women Take Over The Game?

BBCAN11On yesterday’s Big Brother Canada 11 episode, Head of Household Kuzie made plans to try to form a women’s alliance. She wants to work with Claudia, AnikaReneeShanaya, and Daniel to take down the strong guys and those associated with them, like Santina. However, Kuzie’s friend Ty wants to influence her HOH. He wants to protect Santina. 

He also wants to take  Vanessa out of the game. He doesn’t trust her and suspects she may have been one of the rogue votes from last week’s eviction.  Kuzie appeases Ty somewhat by nominating Vanessa and Santina this week, but there has been some confusion with this week’s nomination.

Therefore, I am not sure if they will stay the same even before the Power Veto Competition takes place. Let’s see how it all goes down on tonight’s Big Brother Canada 11 episode. Let’s get into the recap.

BBCAN11 Week 3 Nominations Fall-Out

Tuesday’s Big Brother Canada episode ends with Santina getting fired up after finding herself on the Block. She doesn’t think it’s fair that she’s on the Block. She also accuses Kuzie of doing what she did in her first week: letting  Zach influence her decision. We’ll see if Santina confronts Kuzie and how that may alter the votes this week.

The houseguests are informed that Vanessa has left the house. She is out the game. Kuzie must now name a replacement. She asks Hope to be her replacement. She also informs him that Zach goes up if Santina comes down. She wants to break up the Zach, Santina, and Ty trio.

Kuzie tells Anika and Daniel. Daniel then runs to Zach, who he admits he’s work with. Zach doesn’t think nominating Hope is good for their game. He thinks Renee needs to go up.

Kuzie nominates Hope for eviction.

Santina asks Kuzie whether she’s the target or not. Kuzie doesn’t admit it but Santina suspects she’s the target. Hope tells Zach and Ty that he was one of the rogue votes.

Hope says that he doesn’t really want to go home but has been pretending he wants to go home, so people can see him as disposable and open up to him. Ty asks Hope to allow him to decide what to do with his Veto (if he wins it) to earn back his trust.

Ty tells Santina to trust him so that he can have Hope save her. She gets emotional of having to let the guys control her game to stay in the house.

BBCAN11 Week 3 Power of Veto Competition

Kuzie wants to take out Santina, but this house loves a backdoor. If Santina or another nominee wins the Veto, then nominations have the potential to change. A bigger fish may need frying. 

Santina draws Anika’s name to play in the Veto. Hope draws Zach. Kuzie picks Ty.

Zach wants to let Santina go this week, but Ty says he hasn’t done anything to prove that they can’t trust Santina. Ty tells him to call out Santina. He says he will go it after Veto.

They start to get a bit upset with each other. Kuzie lets Daniel know that Santina is the target but Zach will go up if nominations change. She even says she’ll threatens to put up Zach if Ty tries to use Veto to save Santina.

The players had to get 20 carbon balls into a Brita basket. Zach throws the competition because he believes he’s safe for the week.
They then have to fill up water to fill a jug.

Hope wins the Veto and $5,000.

Kuzie tells Renee that she plans to put yo Zach. She will tell Santina that she was never the target but couldn’t tell Santina because she would tell Ty. He then tells Daniel snd Anika that she plans to take a shot at Zach.

Daniel doesn’t want to get rid of Zach because he is his only other ally besides them. He says that he feels like he was lied to and Zach was always the target. He says he may not vote out Zach this week.

Kuzie lets Ty know that she will nominate Dan or Zach. It leads to a bit of a confrontation. He then tells Zach. He also asks Hope to not save himself with the Veto. This makes Hope upset.

Ty and Zach discuss trying to make Hope get disqualified from the game from “the letter.”

BBCAN11 Week 3 Power of Veto Ceremony

Will Kuzie be the third Head of Household this season to backdoor someone? Let’s see!

Hope uses the Veto on himself. Kuzie nominates Zach as his replacement.

Big Brother Canada teases that tomorrow’l there will be a scandal that rocks the house. It likely has to do with whatever Zach and Ty were discussing about Hope.

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