Big Brother Canada 10 Episode 25 Recap: Betty’s Revenge?

Monday’s Big Brother Canada 10 episode provided viewers some much-needed content (and excitement) as we saw all of the fall-out from the triple eviction. There were multiple arguments, breakdowns, and three critical evictions. Because so much unfolded during the Big Brother Canada 10 triple eviction, the episode barely had time for much else.

The episode managed to show that Betty Yirsaw won the Head of Household Competition. Betty was blindsided by her Big Brother bestie, so she wasn’t unsure about her game future and what move to make. The Ghosts being the Ghosts, Kevin Jacobs immediately went to work on keeping himself and Haleena Gill protected this week. The Big Brother Canada 10 episode ended without Betty making her nominations. 

However, she was leaning towards nominating Jacey-Lynne Graham and Josh.

For tonight’s episode, we’ll see who Betty nominates, the Power of Veto Competition, and hopefully, the Power of Veto Ceremony.

Haleena and Kevin start a one, two punch to manipulate Betty. They reveal that Jacey-Lynne had the Secret Veto. Haleena also tell that Jacey-Lynne wanted to keep Summer over Betty. Josh tries to repair his relationship with Betty, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Jacey-Lynne admits she had the Secret Veto but it doesn’t really help her case.

BBCAN10 Week 9 Nomination Ceremony

Will Betty return the favor and nominate Josh this week?

Betty nominates Jacey-Lynne and Josh for her eviction.

Betty and Josh makeup. They also realize that Kevin has been playing them.

BBCAN10 Week 9 Power of Veto Competition 

Big Brother Canada 10 only has two more Power of Veto Competitions left. As the second to last POV Comp, it’s critical to all the players. On the block or not, everyone needs to win it.

The houseguests have to blindly search vacation rooms and match them to the houseguest that talked about it in a video. Players also had the option to listen to an audio clue if they struggled to identify a room.

They then can take off their blindfolds and search for puzzle pieces. Once they find all them, they must assemble the puzzle as quickly as possible. The player who solves the puzzle the fastest, wins the Veto.

Jacey-Lynne goes first and does pretty well but struggles to find the final piece.

Josh goes second and struggles to distinguish each room, but he finds the puzzles and assemble the puzzles quickly.

Instead of checking all the rooms, Kevin tries a guess and check strategy to identify each room. Kevin gets through his puzzle fast.

Betty has a really hard time navigating each room while blindfolded. Betty also zooms through her puzzle.

Haleena matches all her rooms fast with a few stumbles. She then has the same issue as Jacey-Lynne with finding the final piece. However, she locates it quicker than Jacey-Lynne.

5th place-Betty

4th place-Kevin

3rd place-Jacey-Lynne

2nd place-Josh

1st place-Haleena

Haleena wins the Power of Veto!

Josh begins to pretend he’s still with the Crash Dummies to try to get their vote—knowing that Haleena is unlikely to use it.

With Haleena’s POV victory, she discovers a new room that gets her a five-minute strategy talk with Kevin Martin (via video chat). He gives her advice on the upcoming competitions, this week’s votes, and how to communicate her game to the jury.

Jacey-Lynne works to get Haleena to use the Veto on her.

BBCAN10 Week 9 Power of Veto Ceremony

Will the Power of Veto be used and a member of the Ghosts alliance finally find themselves in danger?

Haleena does not use the Veto. Either Jacey-Lynne or Josh joins the jury tomorrow.

Make sure to join us tomorrow for another Big Brother Canada 10 Live Eviction recap. The final five will become the final four.

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