Why Dane Should Win Big Brother Canada 7

We’re down to our final Pretty Boy, and the final player that we need to assess their Big Brother Canada 7 game. If Big Brother Canada was a scripted series, Adam and Dane would be the stars of the season. They mainly kept the Pretty Boys alive by winning the majority of the competitions all Big Brother Canada 7. They also kept the Pretty Boys from betraying each other (until final five).

Without Dane and Adam winning all those competitions, who knows where the Pretty Boys would have ended up. Unlike Adam, Dane didn’t have to win many competitions. It was more of an ego boost thing. Adam needed to win competitions because he and Sam were targets all season. If he didn’t win as much as he did, he would have left the game way sooner. Dane, on the other hand, early in the season made sure to become everyone’s favorite guy.

Only Kyra and Sam really thought about taking a shot at Dane. Everyone else felt so close to him that there was no way they were going after him, nor were they letting anyone else take him out. Dane was protected almost the entire season.

It wasn’t until the final five where things weren’t looking great for him. Then he was able to manipulate “the mastermind”Anthony into saving him. Dane won competitions when he needed to, and he manipulated everyone else when necessary. He also didn’t let himself get bogged down (too much) by emotions. Anthony and Adam both let emotions cloud some of their judgements. Dane was really close with Este and Damien, but he wasn’t afraid to cut both of them when necessary.

He was also close with the Pretty Boys, and we’re sure that if he sees them as a threat to the title and the prize at the end, they’re getting cut (if they haven’t already).

Dane’s biggest weakness is the same that many great Big Brother suffer from: he burned too many people. He got close to many people. He was trusted by many people, and then he picked winning over loyalty. People are well…people, so feelings can cloud reason and logic.

If there are any hard feelings left over for Dane, this might just result in whoever sits next to him winning the game.

Dane hasn’t played the most honest or loyal game, but he put his whole heart into his mission to win Big Brother Canada 7. As a super fan, he had one goal and dream: play and win Big Brother Canada. Some might not like the way he played, but no one can say Dane didn’t put everything he had into winning the game. The question just remains…was it enough?

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All imaged screencapped by 89razorskate20

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