Why Kyra Should Win Big Brother Canada 7

Yesterday, we examined Adam’s Big Brother Canada game, its strengths and weaknesses. Now we continue our game assessment with Kyra. Kyra is one of the most interesting players to examine because they had the most growth during the game.

Big Brother Canada 7 started with Kyra as the emotional player that everyone wanted out of the house. They seemed like an easy target. However, their lack of competition skills made them a non-threat. They then grew from easy target to pawn star. As a pawn star, they were able to get comfortable with many of the heavy hitters, which made many targets before them.

At the beginning of the game, Kyra was able to show their observational skills; this helped them assess potential threats. Kyra was the first player to really laser in on the Pretty Boys, but their lack of competition wins made it hard for them to really make any major moves. Through the latter part of the game, they got close to almost all of the Pretty Boys, which made them a more useful pawn in the Pretty Boys’ games than any of the other players.

Kyra also won one of the most critical Head of Household competitions. They then became the first person to take out a Pretty Boy. We mean they only had Pretty Boys to pick from, but that might earn them a little credit with the jury.

Kyra’s biggest game flaw was how easily other players manipulated them. They were manipulated by the Pretty Boys into keeping Mark the first time, then they were constantly manipulated to do the Pretty Boys’ will. Additionally, Kyra seems to not quite understand that they really had no major part in the moves made this season. However, they believe themselves to be this great player. If they argue this in the final two, it could make the jury turn against them as a possible winner. They might see Kyra as too lacking in game awareness to be the winner of the season.

One of the main things Kyra has done is help play up them being a weak competitor, which increased their chances of becoming the final two goat. Depending on which Pretty Boy they’re up against, a bitter jury could easily award Kyra the win, for not being as offensive as the other choice. Kyra could also discuss their journey, where they were kind of on their own all season. They didn’t have a big strong alliance behind them to back them up. They had to get to the end by themselves. Every week was critical for them and Kyra had to survive multiple times on the block.

Of the final four, Kyra would have the hardest time convincing the jury that they deserve to win over any Pretty Boy, but stranger things have happened in the Big Brother world. And if the right variables come together, Kyra could definitely take home the crown.

What do you think of Kyra’s game? Do they deserve to win Big Brother Canada 7? Let us know by commenting below.

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