Why Adam Should Win Big Brother Canada 7

It’s the end of Big Brother Canada 7 time. To honor the road to the end, we’ll have a few special posts to help move us towards Thursday’s season finale. This post starts a series of posts where we’ll access the game of the final four players. We’ll discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of their Big Brother Canada games so far. Adam is up first. From now until we get through all four, we’ll be doing a post each day about the final four players’ games, and we’ll discuss why they deserve to win Big Brother Canada 7 and what might stop them from winning the game.

Let’s dive right into Adam’s game.

Throughout the season, Adam has been a physical beast, dominating one competition after another. Dane and him matched and broke some Big Brother Canada records with their competition wins. These wins helped secure that the Pretty Boys made it this far in the game. If Adam didn’t win so many competitions, then he would have probably been evicted way earlier in the game. The Pretty Boys would have also been targets, and they would have left the house never to have their names mention in Big Brother history.

Adam not only won competitions to keep himself and his alliance safe, he influenced his closest non-Pretty Boy allies, like Kyra, Sam, and Chelsea. This influence also helped keep the Pretty Boys in the game. The only reason Mark made it to fifth place was because Adam helped flip the target onto Kiki and off his fellow Pretty Boy.

And let us not forget that the Pretty Boys wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for Adam. On day one, he had a plan: He chose three guys that he believed would be loyal and had individual strengths. This created this nearly unstoppable alliance. Without having at least a decent read on people, he would not have known the right three to pick. Despite some talk, overall, they did stay loyal and each member had a major part in their game dominance. They also had an overall decent strategy of infiltrating other groups and making themselves seem loyal to others before the Pretty Boys.

Where Adam fell short was his loyalty. There were moments in the game where he should have cut a Pretty Boy, or picked the wrong one to cut. Last week, Anthony and Adam should have voted to evict Dane over Mark. It would have completely changed the outcome of this week, and likely ensured that Adam made the final two and very likely won the game. But Adam was too loyal to his boy Dane, who was nowhere near as loyal to him.

Adam also lacked some social skills, especially when Sam was in the house. He didn’t socialize with enough people outside his group. This helped him become the villain in the eyes of many of the other players (mainly because of his competition wins, and the Pretty Boys slandering him behind his back). If Adam made it to the final two, he would have had a hard time shaking his villainous reputation. Half the jury members were not Adam fans.

Adam made history with his competition wins, he formed the most dominant alliance in BBCAN history, and he showed a true passion and love for the game. Adam has also had one of the most interesting character arcs this season, so it would been a thrilling finale to see him make it to the finals and win– fulfilling his lifelong dream as a Big Brother Canada super fan.

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Images screencapped by 89orsrazkate20

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