Big Brother Canada 7 Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Competition Results

The final Veto is always critical, because it determines the final three outcome. Whoever wins this important Veto not only secures their spot in the final three, but they get to decide who takes the other spot. It’s essentially the most powerful position of this final week.

Everyone will want this win, even the Head of Household, because then he has a big opportunity to determine the final two people facing off against him. In the Pretty Boys perfect world, it would be them in the final three. However, Kyra messed up their plan of final four last week by winning Head of Household. They then ended Mark‘s game.

Adam really needs this win because despite what Anthony and Dane are telling him, we expect them to cut him if they have the chance to this week.

So who won this critical Veto?

BBCAN7 Week 10 Veto Competition

  • Dane won it.

Are you happy with these results? Who do you think will get voted out at final four?

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