Who Went Home Tonight? Week 9.5 Eviction Recap

It’s been an unexpected, intense, and a little bit fun Big Brother Canada 7 week as players prepared for their endgame. The week started with the shock of Kyra beating three Pretty Boys to become Head of Household. This destroyed the Pretty Boys chance at history. They were one eviction away from becoming the only day 1 alliance to make it all the way to the final four.

Kyra then shocked (some of ) the Pretty Boys by placing her targets on Dane and Adam instead of Mark and Anthony. They formed a close bond with Adam ever since Chelsea and Sam left the game. They also had an early bond with Anthony, but had a major falling out with him.

It seemed like there was no way Kyra would go after either guys. But they did. They took a shot at the two strongest players in the game: Dane and Adam. They swung and missed their shot at Adam. He won the Veto, and saved himself from eviction again.

Dane’s poor performance at the Veto competition started making him worry about his chances to stay in the game. He went into extreme survival mode. On last night’s episode, we saw Dane start a discussion with Anthony. He wanted to see if he had his vote to stay against Mark. Anthony said he wasn’t sure. So now we’ll see if Dane can sway Anthony’s vote and stay in the Big Brother Canada 7 house.

BBCAN7 Week 9.5 Power of Veto Ceremony Fall Out:

Only Adam and Anthony are voting this week. Mark and Dane both need to work hard to secure their safety this week.

Kyra start to feel bad about taking out Dane. Dane works to play on everyone’s emotions to save himself. Kyra wants the satisfaction of voting out Dane by breaking a tie. Adam and Dane don’t want to give them that moment.

Dane then goes to work on Anthony. He tells him that he needs him to win the mental. so they can go to the finals together. Anthony and Mark have a talk, and Mark says he would give his vote to Adam if they were in the final two. This makes Anthony made at Mark for not being loyal.

Adam and Anthony then talk about loyalty and how Mark doesn’t have it. They discuss it and decide to keep Dane. Anthony and Dane then talk about loyalty, and how it was a collaboration but no one needs anyone. They’re partners. Anthony then agrees to keep Dane.

He then works on telling Kyra that Mark is throwing comps. He tells Kyra about Mark’s song. He then tells them that if they keep Dane, it’ll be the biggest move of the season. Kyra doesn’t know if it’ll be a big move or  dumb move.

Kyra then tells Dane that he deserves to be here. They also need them to help them take out Adam. They agree to keep Dane in the game.

Earlier today, Kyra lets Mark know that he’s leaving this week. Mark starts to panic, and then he wants to talk to Anthony. He asks Anthony for advice on how to stay in the game. He gives it to him, but doesn’t tell him the truth.

BBCAN7 Week 9.5 Eviction Vote:

Adam VTE Mark
Anthony VTE Mark

Mark is evicted from the Big Brother Canada 7 house. 

Mark throws Dane under the bus while he leaves. He tells Adam that Dane was the one who orchestrated the Cory backdoor Sam plan.

BBCAN7 Week 10 Head of Household Competition:

This Head of Household competition determines one of the three final players. It’s a can’t lose competition for the Pretty Boys.

For this HOH, they must answer questions about the POV. They’ll get clues and then must guess the POV comp.

Round #1-Adam gets a point.

Round #2-Dane gets a point.

The episode ends before anyone wins, but if you can’t wait to find out…coughcough.

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