Big Brother Canada 7 Episode 27 Recap: The Final Four Battle for HOH

We only have two more episodes left before the Big Brother Canada 7 finale. On it, we’ll see either Adam, Kyra, Anthony, or Dane take the crown. Before we can get there, we have one more eviction to take us from final four to final three.

Thursday’s episode ended with Mark leaving the Big Brother Canada house after letting Adam know that Dane was the mastermind behind the Cory backdoors Sam plan. Then we had the start of the final four Head of Household.

BBCAN7 Week 9.5 Eviction Fall Out

Mark wanted to leave the game with a bang. Therefore, he tried to cause a little tension between Dane and Adam. He also wanted to help protect his fellow Pretty Boy Anthony. It’s been weeks since Sam’s eviction, but the sting of this new betrayal might be enough to make Adam rethink his final two plans.

BBCAN7 Week 10 Head of Household Competition

For this Head of Household competition, the houseguests must look at clues to figure out which Power of Veto competition is being described.

Round #1- Adam gets a point
Round #2- Dane gets a point
Round #3-Dane got a point
Round #4-Dane got a point
Round #5-Adam got a point
Round #6-Dane got a point
Round #7-Didn’t get that far.

Dane won Head of Household, and he made it to the final three.

Adam starts to cry about losing this HOH, while Dane is excited about it. Then Adam gets over the lost enough to congratulate him about his win. He tells Dane that he just has a feeling that he’s going this week. Dane tells him to just win the Veto. The say they can’t let Kyra win the Veto.

In DR, Dane says that he doesn’t really know if Adam is good this week. He needs to discuss with Anthony whether they’re getting rid of Adam or Kyra this week.

BBCAN7 Awards

Sara from BBCAN3 comes to dress the houseguests for the Big Brother Canada awards. It has a 70s theme attire.

Award #1: Best Caught in the Act Moment

Winner: Sam and Adam

Award #2: Favorite Bugging Out Moment

Winner: Have-Not meltdown

Award #3: You’re “How Old?” Moment

Winner: Cory is 29.

Award #4-Best Grooves Baby Moment

Winner: Damien  raps

Then they get to see a video tribute of their time in the house.

BBCAN7 Week 10 Nominations

With only three to pick from, who will this week’s HOH nominate for eviction?

Anthony asks Dane not to put him on the block, so he can go all season without hitting the block. During the Wendy’s date, Dane explains to Adam that Anthony doesn’t want to go on the block. He tells him that he needs to nominate Adam and Kyra.

Anthony and Dane then discuss if they should take out Adam or Kyra to the final three.

Kyra overhears Dane and Anthony’s conversation and kind of throws a tantrum. Anthony confronts them about it.

Dane nominates Adam and Kyra. 

Image screencapped by 89razorskate20

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