Why Anthony Should Win Big Brother Canada 7

We already covered the games of Adam and Kyra. Now it’s time for a look at Anthony’s Big Brother Canada game. Anthony was one of the dominant members of the Pretty Boys. What he lacked in competition wins, he made up for in his influence with other players. Many players trusted him or they wanted to be his ally, especially some of the early evicted players like Kailyn, Eddie, and Maki.

No one trusted Anthony more than Cory. Cory became his true ride or die, which was a good person to pick. She had the competition prowess that could have eventually matched Dane and Adam’s wins, which is why the Pretty Boys needed her to go. She was a major pawn in Anthony’s game, but a thorn in the rest of the Pretty Boys’ plans. Cory helped Anthony get out his biggest rival, Sam, but she made an enemy of Adam.

This turned out terrible for Cory, because she left the following week, but it helped propel Anthony closer to the finals. He formed an early bond with Kyra, which made it easy for him to manipulate her. This then helped the Pretty Boys get out some players like the Young Bloods Este and Kiki. Anthony played more of a mastermind-esque game all season. He was able to sit back and let his allies and others do all the hard work, while still getting his way most weeks.

Anthony has a few major game flaws. The first one is his lack of competition wins. In some of the older Big Brother seasons, competitions wins weren’t regarded with as much weight. However, modern Big Brother is all about the competition wins. If you don’t win enough of them, the jury doesn’t seem to take you as serious. So far, Anthony has only won one competition. If he ends up next to Kyra in the final two, then competitions become a moot point.

If he ends up next to Adam or Dane, then he’s not looking too good. The jury can easily see it as the Pretty Boys carried him along to the end. However, he could also argue that his social skills allowed him to never touch the block. If you don’t have the competition wins, then your social and political game could win you points with the jury.

Anthony’s second big game flaw is his arrogance and treatment of some of the jury members. They won’t be too enthusiastic to give a guy who talked badly about them, either behind their backs or to their faces, the prize money. He also talked a big game but didn’t win enough competitions to back it up.

His influence over others and how he made a lot of the major Pretty Boy decisions will help him argue his mastermind case. He just might have angered a few too many jury members to really have a fighting chance. He also can only say he did the behind the scene work, which the other Pretty Boys could easily dispute those claims if they feel like it.

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All images screencapped by 89razorskate20

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