Big Brother Canada 7 Episode 28 Recap: Introducing the Final Three…

Tonight is the penultimate episode of Big Brother Canada 7. Last we left, Dane had just become the Head of Household. He made a promise to Anthony to not put him on the block, which meant he would go the entire season without hitting the block. This decision to protect Anthony’s no block record meant that Dane would have to betray Adam by nominating him. He would also have to put Kyra up for eviction.

Before nominating Adam, Dane and Anthony discussed whether they wanted to go to the final three with him, or betray the Pretty Boy founder and evict him this week. Meanwhile, Dane kept trying to pump Adam up to go on the block and win the Power of Veto. This week, the Veto holds all the power. It will decide who goes on the block and ultimately goes out this week.

Adam really needed to win it to secure any hope of making it to the final three.

BBCAN7 Week 10 Nomination Ceremony Fall Out

Will the stress of being on the block this close to the end start to affect Kyra and Adam?

Dane ensures Kyra that Adam is his target this week.

BBCAN7 Week 10 Power of Veto Ceremony

Adam needs to win this Power of Veto. He’s the Veto king this season, but Dane will be coming for the title and Adam’s chances of staying in the game.

It’s a game simulation called “Veto Hunter.” They must search for the correct answers to questions about the season. They then need to search for the button that corresponds to that question. It’s a giant maze and they must find the button and the names that match the answer.

Kyra struggles to find the buzzer to the first answer. It’s a timed competition.

Adam’s strategy is to work on multiple questions at once. He does well at first but then can’t find the last question. He wastes a lot of time trying to find the question, but gets a bonus that takes out a minute of his time.

Anthony struggles to find some of the answers to his question.

Dane moves fast for his questions, but he messed up some of the question answers and had to change them.





Dane won the Power of the Veto. 

Adam lost by four minutes.

BBCAN7 Week 10 Power of Veto Ceremony

Will Anthony’s no block record change after the Veto ceremony?

Anthony and Dane tell Adam that they’re planning to evict him. He started to cry but they tell him that there is no way they can beat him. Adam doesn’t accept his eviction. He tries to convince Anthony to keep him by saying that Dane will take Kyra over him.

Dane decides not to use the Veto.

BBCAN7 Week 10 Vote to Evict

Arisa announces that there is a surprise eviction tonight. Of course, all four of the remaining houseguests are going to be nervous about this one.

Anthony VTE Adam

Adam has been evicted from the BBCAN7 house. 

BBCAN7 Part 1 of the Final Head of Household

The final three battle it out to face off in the finale.

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