Who Should Win Big Brother Canada 7 [POLL]?

In about 24-hours, we will know which of the final three players won Big Brother Canada 7. It’s been a long road for Anthony, Dane, and Kyra. Now the journey ends for all three of them tomorrow. One will lead a lot richer and with the Big Brother winner title.

They’ve all worked hard and have valid reasons to win the game. However, It ultimately comes down to who the jury believes Is more deserving between the final two players. We won’t know which two make the final two until tomorrow, and how they get there could also really affect the outcome of the vote.

Tomorrow, we’ll post our own prediction on who will win. We’ll go over different final two scenarios and who we think the jury will crown winner of Big Brother Canada 7. For now, we want to know who you think will win the entire season.

Let us know your winner prediction by voting in our poll below. Also comment on other Big Brother Canada 7 finale predictions, or why you think that person will win the game.

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