Tonight On Big Brother Canada 5: Eviction & Time Warp Twist

Big Brother Canada is back tonight on Global at 8/7c with the first eviction of the season and our chance to discover who was awarded the “Time Warp” twist, the first “shockwave” of the season.

Update: We’re recapping tonight’s live eviction results over here.

Big Brother Canada 5 Space Odyssey

All 16 Houseguests have moved in and the first 8 were surprised to discover their opponents would be returning players quickly dividing the house. Then after a seriously physical HoH challenge a Newbie emerged as the first HoH of the season.

The night ended as we discovered Karen would be the first Head of Household for BBCAN5 but with little clue as to who she’d target for eviction. Tonight we’ll find out that and more with the second episode of the season.

The Time Warp twist is going to be very interesting as it’ll take one Houseguest and make him or her “safe” until the Jury phase of the season, or about half way through the game. He or she will still compete and participate, but won’t be able to be targeted for elimination from the season until later.

The twist is either a huge advantage or a terrible burden as your argument to win could be weakened. Then again Gary was evicted, sat in Jury for weeks, and then got a free pass back in to the game just before the finale and nearly won the season. So clearly it may not be the issue you would reasonably expect.

Who do you want to see get the Time Warp? Vote now in our poll!

The Big Brother Canada 5 schedule has new episodes on Thursdays (8/7c), Mondays (9/8c), and Wednesdays (9/8c). We’ll be here on the site covering tonight’s “live” eviction show with results throughout the night and you can chat with other BBCAN fans while we watch together.

Any early predictions on who you think could be evicted? Remember if the winner of the fan voting for the twist is evicted then that power will be passed to the next in line. That means only Karen is a sure thing for the power, but I’d be surprised if she gets it. I’d be shocked if anyone but a Vet gets it since it’s yet another completely biased aspect of bringing players back, but hey, it’s not my game and not my chance at big money.

Anyway, BBCAN5 tonight on Global at 8/7c. Find out how to watch online from the US.