Big Brother Canada 5 Premiere Recap: Odyssey Launches

The Big Brother Canada 5 spaceship is about to launch with tonight’s season premiere and we’re excited to watch all the fireworks as it takes off on Global at 9/8c.

BBCAN5 In Space and Time

Houseguests have moved in already and now it’s our chance to see what’s been going on in there since the weekend. Who won the first HoH of BBCAN5? Which Houseguests are already in danger and being made a target? Lets get to it and find out what’s going on inside the game.

If you’re looking for how to watch Big Brother Canada online and from the US then we’ve detailed out those steps over here, but we’ll be updating those as we know more because we’re still waiting to see what works and what doesn’t this season. Episodes and Feeds should all be available for free in one way or another if you try hard enough.

First up we’re getting a tour of the all-new house design with host Arisa Cox before we shift over to the newbies getting their back home introductions. Once they’re out on stage and sent in the more familiar faces should show up for their send off through the front door.

Launch BBCAN5 House Gallery Slideshow…

The Vets start rolling in the front door and the newbies are shocked and clearly a little confused. Some of them don’t even know who these big BBCAN names are which is funny (and worrisome for their chances).

And for keeping track later, Dillon was the first Houseguest through the door. Another chance to see if the first-in curse remains strong.

Launch BBCAN5 Cast Gallery Slideshow…

With everyone together Arisa calls them in to the main room and warns them of coming “shockwaves” which sounds like a possible catchphrase for upcoming twists through the season. She also lets them know about the 3 major prizes for the winner: $100K, $30K gift card to The Brick, and a 2017 Toyota ’86.

Our first HoH competition will feature the newbies paired with a veteran and they’ll be hanging on over an edge with a cable slowly tilting them farther and farther out. Eventually arms will get tired and they’ll drop one by one. Last couple standing is safe for the week and will have to decide who gets to be HoH.

Pairs: Ika & Dre, Neda & William, Kevin & Demetres, Karen & Sindy, Dallas & Mark, Bruno & Dillon, Emily & Gary, Jackie & Cassandra

Karen & Sindy win first comp

Karen is named first HoH

Arisa reveals the first “shockwave” (twist) for the season. Viewers can vote to make one HG safe until Jury. Voting will open up shortly and last only 24 hours. Yikes, that’s a bit over the top for a twist, but okay I guess we’re used to that with BBCAN twists.

Who do you want to get the Time Warp twist? Vote now in our poll & get the link to official voting before it ends tomorrow!

Whatever happens tonight we’ll be ready for the rest of the season to pick right up with the Big Brother Canada 5 schedule bringing us another episode on Thursday night (8/7c) then Monday’s episode (9/8c). It’ll be a busy pace in no time here. Then for the Feeds those could start tonight but maybe not until Thursday. We’re waiting to see what happens there.

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