Big Brother Canada 5 Lines Up New Prizes & Sponsors

Big Brother Canada 5 is set to premiere next week on Global with its March 15th debut and now we’re getting our first details of who will be plugging their brands and products all season long.

Big Brother Canada on Global Big Brother Canada – Source: Global

Of course The Brick is back along with their giftcard for whoever wins BBCAN5 but that won’t be the only grand prize to go along with the cash at the end of the season.

Toyota has actually joined the group of sponsors so you know what that means: they’re giving away a car too. Now that’s pretty nice. It’s a Toyota ’86 sports car and goes for around $26K, a nice addition to the $30K gift card from The Brick and the $100,000 cash prize for winning the season.

The other sponsor is pretty funny to me in the grand scheme of Big Brother history. Kraft Peanut Butter. Before there was Slop the Have-Not food was PB&J, but now peanut butter is being hailed as a reward instead of a punishment for Big Brother Canada. According to Global’s release, “Kraft Peanut Butter’s delicious peanut butter snack bites – a bite-size treat that packs a powerful punch, with a great source of energy to keep the houseguests going through the most grueling of obstacles.” Good grief.

BBCAN is also known for its product placement within challenges and those are back this season too. Baywatch is going to be the movie sponsor so maybe we’ll get a water comp with rescuing us from too many product placements… There will also be sponsorships by Oreo and ParticpACTION, a get-off-the-couch-you-lazy-bum effort, another ironic pairing for the season.

We’re still waiting on the Big Brother Canada 5 cast announcement, but that may be coming up later today as we get really close to the new season premiere on March 15th. Be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our Email Updates so we can send you all the latest Big Brother spoilers and news!