BBCAN5: Producer Hints At “Space & Time” Twists Theme

Big Brother Canada producer Erin Brock has revealed a few details on the upcoming BBCAN5 season’s twists set against its house design and theme of the BBCAN Odyssey.

BBCAN5 In Space and Time

With Houseguests being brought in from past seasons the production team is taking an approach of time circling around with these past players entering our present, or rather the newbie’s present, and it sounds like things could get pretty interesting.

“The entire premise of the season is that out in space, there are no laws when it comes to time,” Brock explained to GlobalTV “We are going to take HouseGuests from seasons past and give them a chance to rewrite their history against HouseGuests of the present in a ship built in the future. You will see that everything that we do this season will have a play on time.”

Who knows what this could mean for the twists but with the idea of “there are no laws when it comes to time” we could be seeing do-overs in the weeks, returning players, and maybe even things moving ahead which I suppose could be simply fast forward weeks. It’s a fun idea though to frame things in this theme, but maybe that’s just my sci-fi fan side talking.

Brock goes on to explain how this isn’t supposed to be considered an All-Stars season, obviously with half of the cast being newbies, but rather a second chance opportunity. “Gary, this is the ultimate second chance for him. He won the show but he didn’t win it.” Well, he didn’t win it and this is more like his third chance given he returned from Jury and was dropped in just shy of the finish line after a nice break from the game. He’s entertaining though so I’m interested to see where he goes this time around.

So we’ve got returning players with a second chance and twists set to “lawless” time. There’s potential for sure and we know BBCAN can deliver, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they won’t overdo it as we’ve seen a lot in recent seasons.

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