Big Brother Canada: Week 8 Eviction & HoH Results

Big Brother Canada

Tonight on Big Brother Canada we’ll watch as another HG is evicted and the remaining HGs are shocked by the PowerShift twist reveal. We’re fully expecting Gary, glitter and all, to walk back through that front door and pick up where he left off several weeks ago. As if that wasn’t enough entertainment, we’re hearing another big announcement is coming our way but that could be related to the season finale just a few weeks away.

Stick with us tonight as we live recap the results as they happen.

We finally get to the voting but first the nominees get a chance to make their case. Talla is jokey, but Peter remains silent for his and just gestures for The Shield. Earlier today Peter said he was going to make a silent argument so he could be remembered as the first Big Brother HG to do that. Sorry, Peter, but Joe Arvin already did it in BB14 (and he did it much, much better).

Who Was Voted Off Big Brother Canada Tonight:

  • Andrew votes to evict Peter
  • Emmett votes to evict Peter

By a vote of 2-0, Peter has been evicted from Big Brother.

Out on the couch with Arisa, Peter calls the remaining HGs “idiots.” He also declines to acknowledge his mistake in not saving Topaz last week when Arisa asks what he did wrong (He says “everything” even when she pushes). Peter knocks the other HGs to Arisa. Peter says Andrew is “lucky to be there.” Funny, I remember Andrew winning more competitions than Peter (two times more). What a Bitter Betty this guy is.

All of the jury members, minus Peter, gather in front of the house and are like kids in the candy shop. They can’t stop joking and talking over Arisa. She reveals there was less than a 5% difference in the votes. I’m guessing Alec was just behind the winner then.

PowerShift – Which HG Returned:

  • Gary

So the guy Andrew got evicted is now back in the game when alliances are shallow and the competition is tense. This could be a tough week in that house. Time to find out who will hold the power next.

Who Won HoH On Big Brother Canada Tonight:

  • HGs, including Gary, must race to complete a mosaic puzzle. First to finish will be the next HoH.

Okay, so no in-show HoH results. That means we’ll have to check the Feeds when they return to see who won. Any guesses?

We also found out that Dan Gheesling will be heading in to the Big Brother house for a brief visit. Nice crossover.

What do you think of tonight’s Big Brother Canada results? Did the right HG get evicted and are you happy with how this twist played out? We’ll keep watching the Feeds to find out what happens next in the game and will keep you updated. Keep checking back here for the latest Big Brother Canada updates!