Big Brother Canada: Week 8 Eviction & HoH Results

Big Brother Canada

Tonight on Big Brother Canada we’ll watch as another HG is evicted and the remaining HGs are shocked by the PowerShift twist reveal. We’re fully expecting Gary, glitter and all, to walk back through that front door and pick up where he left off several weeks ago. As if that wasn’t enough entertainment, we’re hearing another big announcement is coming our way but that could be related to the season finale just a few weeks away.

Stick with us tonight as we live recap the results as they happen.

We finally get to the voting but first the nominees get a chance to make their case. Talla is jokey, but Peter remains silent for his and just gestures for The Shield. Earlier today Peter said he was going to make a silent argument so he could be remembered as the first Big Brother HG to do that. Sorry, Peter, but Joe Arvin already did it in BB14 (and he did it much, much better).

Who Was Voted Off Big Brother Canada Tonight:

  • Andrew votes to evict Peter
  • Emmett votes to evict Peter

By a vote of 2-0, Peter has been evicted from Big Brother.

Out on the couch with Arisa, Peter calls the remaining HGs “idiots.” He also declines to acknowledge his mistake in not saving Topaz last week when Arisa asks what he did wrong (He says “everything” even when she pushes). Peter knocks the other HGs to Arisa. Peter says Andrew is “lucky to be there.” Funny, I remember Andrew winning more competitions than Peter (two times more). What a Bitter Betty this guy is.

All of the jury members, minus Peter, gather in front of the house and are like kids in the candy shop. They can’t stop joking and talking over Arisa. She reveals there was less than a 5% difference in the votes. I’m guessing Alec was just behind the winner then.

PowerShift – Which HG Returned:

  • Gary

So the guy Andrew got evicted is now back in the game when alliances are shallow and the competition is tense. This could be a tough week in that house. Time to find out who will hold the power next.

Who Won HoH On Big Brother Canada Tonight:

  • HGs, including Gary, must race to complete a mosaic puzzle. First to finish will be the next HoH.

Okay, so no in-show HoH results. That means we’ll have to check the Feeds when they return to see who won. Any guesses?

We also found out that Dan Gheesling will be heading in to the Big Brother house for a brief visit. Nice crossover.

What do you think of tonight’s Big Brother Canada results? Did the right HG get evicted and are you happy with how this twist played out? We’ll keep watching the Feeds to find out what happens next in the game and will keep you updated. Keep checking back here for the latest Big Brother Canada updates!


  1. We all know gery is coming back cause eveyone in this world love a gay guy for some stupid reason. And Peter goes home Andrew wins hoh.

  2. How stupid can they be?! Peter should have stayed. He would have been loyal to Emmett! Plus now (unless Gary pulls some amazing sh*t) it will be SOOOOO boring!!! These people are idiots!

      • This afternoon Jill was writing on Emmett’s leg on the hammoc and wrote Last night so whipped he may be… Hopefully he dislodges his member and remembers why he’s there !!! Perhaps Gary may restore some semblance of order to his game and remind him of his brother and their conversation way back about his eventually having to cut Jillian loose !!! 🙂

      • There was nothing he could do what he votes for peter then the rest of the house gets a little upset. Even if he did Jill would of voted him out

  3. I bet the writer of this article is from east coast. The insults toward the west coast players are irrelevant. Just tell us about what happened inside the house not what you think of the players.

    • “The writer of this article” has a name, no vague references required. I hardly insulted anyone and I especially don’t care what coast any HG is from. Maybe you should just read Slice’s official site if you don’t like opinions.

  4. It’s quarter to eleven and we’re still looking for evicty to return so I’m guessing their’s no Hoh this episode only the twist… Peter’s exit was lame… Ever the showman not the player… Omg Gary just returned and yep folks I have a tear a rollin… Lovin the looks on the faces of Hg’s… Bring on the madness… please. The look on Andrew’s face was priceless!!! Watching for tells…

  5. this will go down as the most unfair twist in BB history. Gary was already evicted and upon returning, by his own admission, he is fully rested (sleeps all day) and well fed (eating steaks etc etc) … how can this possibly be fair to any of the other HG’s… i hope one of the legitimate players wins HOH and gary is evicted on principle.

    • …but then he’s also been out of “game mode for a couple of weeks, so he might still be at a disadvantage

      • “out of game mode” only implies that he has had a stress free environment while the real Houseguests have be sweating it out, competing and confined and eating slop and what ever else BB has been doing to them… Gary has been dumped back into the house with a very unfair advantage that no one deserves at this stage of the competition. Oh yeah, he was also already evicted.

      • Yeah in the starting weeks before jury house! Not final 5! it’s stupid for the remaining houseguests and not to mention for Gary himself there is no way he is going to win who would vote for someone who got almost a month out of the house then thrown back in at final 5!

    • totally agree…just stupid this late in the game please put Gary on slop and make him a servant… the fit he would throw would be priceless

  6. I hope there are even more twists in the game to come, maybe a diamond POV hunt with it hidden in gary’s suitcase or maybe a vote to allow Gary a free pass if he is nominated for the block or better yet , why not just write an extra cheque to gary now for the hundred grand so production gets the result they have been trying to achieve..

  7. Must be nice to be Emmet, one loyal idiotic servant leaves and an old admirer enters. Lame! This guy is most likely going to win, for some odd reason he has everyone on his side and he doesn’t even have game play.

  8. Peter is a embarrassment! Little loser thought he ran the game when in actuality he or Alec never did. I don’t care who wins now. Just glad that Peter and Alec got the boot and are out for good.

  9. My thoughts/opinions:
    Glad that Gary was “voted” back in, whether it be production’s doing or actually Canada’s vote. However, I do not want him to win the entire game because it is kinda unfair. He should not win the game when he was evicted, out of the game for over 10 days when the rest of them have been there the whole time.
    While I don’t want him to win the whole thing, I also don’t want him to just be the next evicted because then his re-entering was pointless. I want him to win HOH this week, make a big move by getting either Jillian or Emmett out, and then next week get evicted! That way, the twist wasn’t pointless and actually made an impact on the game, and he doesn’t end up the winner!

    Also, glad Peter went, he annoyed me so much! Especially his exit! Him and Alec must have been the most pathetic/annoying alliance this season or in any recent BB season. I hated them both!

    • I really hope his re-entry IS pointless and he IS evicted next. Then maybe production will learn this type of interference this late in the game is fatally flawed

  10. Andrew wins and splits the jemmett team up!! time for Jillian to be worrying about what to wear next thursday for her walk of fame out the door!!!

  11. I dont think its fair for any member returning should be able to just walk back in and start playing again .Are the other 4 going to get the same rest and good food to restart on equal terms with Gary. Glad to see Gary or A.J. bak but not on these terms

  12. Andrew wins and puts Gary and Talla up on the block. Emmitt wins POV by keeping his mouth shut this time and choses not to use it. Gary is evicted by a 3 – 0 vote. Now back to the real game.

  13. Hate this twist with bringing back a player this late in the game really not fair for the 4 hg’s that have fought hard and played hard to be in the final 4…..should have brought back someone much earlier

  14. It’s kind of funny how Peter and Alec favourite players are Will Kirby and Dan yet theey get completely offended that Jillian told a lie in big brother house lol

    • What watching Peter play with hair lastic on fingers was entertainment? or watching him eat chicken fingers every facking day!! I would not want to know what your idea of boring is Thomas!!

    • K Janelle is right Pater has down nothing at all all game he takes to much credit for stuff he didn’t do at all. He was basically AJ except won a few comps. If you look at all the times in the DR where he said i’m a very influential person, and then he goes and tries to maniuplates the hoh or someone. That person DR session right after is basically, I don’t buy at all what Peter saying but there bigger threats right now and i’m not worry about Peter. But hen Peter takes complete credit for saving himself lol. Seriously, he really hasn’t done that much in the game to impact it.

      • Peter and Alec were all talk, throwing POVs, crying, coniving – the shield LOL, that was a joke. All they really had were each other. If there were any brains at all like they boasted, Alec would not have thrown AJ to the wolves and Peter would have supported Topaz, who would have been a loyal and a strong player to the end. Alec’s mistake caused the walls to fall and Peter was too weak to pick up the pieces. So much for the supposed “brains” of the crew, and the invisible “shield”.

    • I agree. Emmet isn’t going to nominate Gary for him to leave and then bad mouth him to the rest of the jury.

          • It sounds like there for sure with gary but there going to put gary and I’m guessing Andrew up, and vote out either Talla or Andrew depending on veto.

          • But I think its going to end up being just straight up Andrew and Talla because Emmet and Gary are just bromancing it up right now lol

    • I think Peter was bang on with his comments to Arissa. He obviously did everything wrong because he was evicted. Although Andrew has won comps and he’s funny, what else has he done? Talla will make it to the final two only because no one will vote her to win. Everyone left in the house knows it.

        • Andrew’s social game actually sucks. I would like him outside the house, the problem is (at least it seems) that he is very naive. He knows that Jillian made those three promises in one week and broke every one of them. He still trusts her. Although I would like to see Andrew win, I don’t think he will.

  15. Wow the fix is on it is quite obvious who the producers want to win also time to get a new host she is brutal

  16. I actually 100% agree with everything Peter said. The remaining house guests are idiots. And apparently, so are you. It’s power by numbers at this stage. This show is going to be a snoozefest with these personality-less buffoons left (except Gary, because he’s… well…. Gary.)

    • Peter was beat by the other HGs. Plain and simple. The best he can do after that is to go out and call everyone “idiots”? It’s a continuation of his poor sportsmanship and lack of respect for others.

      “And apparently, so are you.” Keep it classy, “guest”. Can’t even use your real name, huh?

  17. Glad Gary is back but would have loved to have seen “lying” Jillian’s face if Topaz got to walk back in there. man did her true colors get revealed the last two weeks. She says I am not a stupid girl but really- who on jury will support her? No one.

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