Big Brother Canada: Week 8 Eviction Prediction

Shield alliance on Big Brother Canada

Tonight on Big Brother Canada one HG will be evicted while another will head inside to play again as part of the latest PowerShift twist. We’ve been watching the Feeds and know just what to expect on the front side of tonight’s action.

Either Peter or Talla will be evicted after the Veto Ceremony changed up the Peter/Andrew nominations. There are just two votes tonight which means we could get a tiebreaker by Jillian, but we won’t.

When the votes are cast we’ll be saying goodbye to Peter and his YELLING DR SESSIONS. Yeah, I’m not going to miss those at all. Both Andrew and Emmett are going to vote to evict Peter and avoid forcing a tiebreak vote from the HoH. This has been the plan for awhile now, but Peter had held out hope for Emmett and Jillian’s support until this morning. Jillian broke the news to Peter and he’s been taking it okay, but has definitely not given in.

Peter is warning Jillian that she’ll lose his vote, Alec’s vote, and Gary’s vote if she does not persuade Emmett to keep him. He’s being tough on her, but can you blame him? It’s a lost cause, but he’s got a few more hours to push on her for his safety.

Do you think Andrew and Emmett should vote out Peter or Talla? We’ll be live blogging tonight’s Big Brother Canada episode when it airs on Slice at 10PM ET, but keep in mind that there will be spoilers out there ahead of the show. Avoid Twitter if you want to keep those a surprise for tonight’s show. We’ll see you back here tonight!