Big Brother Canada: Jury Members Prepare For Possible Return

Big Brother Canada Jury House

Thanks to the Big Brother Canada Twitter account we’ve got a new look at the current Jury House members as they prepare for a possible return to the game. One of these four faces will be back in the game come Thursday night and that could turn the BBCAN race upside down.

Is it just me or are all the Jury members getting ready to say “I’ll be back” as they sport those dark sunglasses?

The voting is over and the results are being closely guarded ahead of Thursday’s eviction show. We’ll soon see if it’s AJ, Gary, Alec, or Topaz back in the game. According to our poll we should definitely expect to see Gary back in the house and ready to glitter things up.

If he does get back in the game we’ll have to see whether or not the HGs immediately reject him and target him for the next eviction or if he’ll be align to take sides either with or against Jillian and Emmett. As one reader here pointed out, sitting next to Gary at the finale could be great odds for winning considering his greatest move in the game would have been his failure to survive eviction.

What do you think of the twist? Is it too much too late in the game or just what the show needs to spice up the final two weeks of the Big Brother Canada competition?