Big Brother Canada: Jury Members Prepare For Possible Return

Big Brother Canada Jury House

Thanks to the Big Brother Canada Twitter account we’ve got a new look at the current Jury House members as they prepare for a possible return to the game. One of these four faces will be back in the game come Thursday night and that could turn the BBCAN race upside down.

Is it just me or are all the Jury members getting ready to say “I’ll be back” as they sport those dark sunglasses?

The voting is over and the results are being closely guarded ahead of Thursday’s eviction show. We’ll soon see if it’s AJ, Gary, Alec, or Topaz back in the game. According to our poll we should definitely expect to see Gary back in the house and ready to glitter things up.

If he does get back in the game we’ll have to see whether or not the HGs immediately reject him and target him for the next eviction or if he’ll be align to take sides either with or against Jillian and Emmett. As one reader here pointed out, sitting next to Gary at the finale could be great odds for winning considering his greatest move in the game would have been his failure to survive eviction.

What do you think of the twist? Is it too much too late in the game or just what the show needs to spice up the final two weeks of the Big Brother Canada competition?


  1. Anything that can salvage this 1st BB Canada season is a good thing. Obviously the viewers wants Gary back. His character made the show fun to watch and the only cut throat player in the house. The 5 remaining HG’s are just plain boring.

  2. it’s not too late to bring someone back. BUT it is wrong to bring someone back since all of the jury members have seen each other. if they had been separately sequestered than it would make sense since the jury members would have no idea who is eligible.
    Come on BB haven’t you watched your sibling from the south for years?!

  3. This type of ultimate manipulation of the game by the producers of BB Canada, erasing a legitimate eviction, makes the game seem totally scripted and fake. One of the reasons I like the show is because it is the players fighting it out for the prize, not a pre-determined player getting excessive advantage to get the win.

    • I agree completely!! It would be fine to bring one in as a guest but SO not fair this close to finals!!! They’ve had chance to talk game with other jury members and have likely seen footage of show .
      Bringing one back to rejoin truly makes it look like the producers r controlling show and who will win.
      I really was impressed with the show (considering most “Canadian versions” of shows are such a let down) but this so called”twist” jus changed my mind completely
      Too bad I’ve followed this so closely even watching the live feeds etc. just to find out that the outcome is already controlled Wish I’d known before I became a faithful viewer

  4. It is too late at this stage of the game to bring someone back and dont agree at all. The Twist should have been done when they are 8, 9 or 10 in the house not when they are 4 !!!!!! IT IS COMPLETELY UNFAIR ””’| Love Gary but was voted out and should not be allow to come back. If it is just rating BBC wants, well let him in but as a guest, not has a player, he could Host the competition, but not play for HOH OR VETO or be allowed to vote for or against a player and than leave to go back to the Jury house….that would be acceptable from your fans, OTHERWISE WE WILL START HATING THE BBC compare to BB USA because for shure when they are Twist it is fun to see, but now you are being unfair and we dont want to see you do so.
    Also, BBC you screwed up completely Topaz game even do she was sleeping very often you never should have done that.

    For the Moose, the voice sounds horrible and stupid you didnt need a Moose to ask the players to do task ??? that Moose voice is weard. Hope you read are comments BBC and that you will considered them specially when they come from the fans of the show. thank you.

    • Don’t be so rude about the voice of the moose. It’s voice acted by one of Canada’s famous Comedians and writers, Trevor Boris. And it’s there for comedic purposes because otherwise the house is boring as a hat with who we have left in the house.

  5. I would just like to say it is not to late in the game…..have you seen the original game…anything can happen one time they had twin sisters and kept switched them out and both of them after a couple weeks got to play… there is the coup de ta were someone can take both players off the block…. they always bring a player back into the game from the jury….lol you should have seen it coming with all these double evictions…stop complaining…..big brother is all about twists..its what keeps the game interesting and lets peoples favourite players have a second chance if the get evicted…..its just getting really annoying seeing people do nothing but complain on this website…if you have some much to say as to why there is so much wrong with this show why are you watching it

    • by your logic, they could just tell the HG’s at the final 2 that they don’t win! and the first evicted is a winner because its big brother, anything can happen and they should have known better ! i like to watch BB but i find this twist WAY too late. BBCan made several errors in my point of view.. but its the first season i guess they will learn from it.

    • Also, they don’t always bring someone from the jury. It has generally been early enough that it isn’t a major deal and also the houseguests are genrally sequestered from eachother if it is going to happen! As a fan of BB (I’ve watched every season) I have never been more disappointed with how much production has messed with the game than I am now. Not cool BB Canada!

  6. I love the twist….liking the unexpected….hoping Gary comes back..he made the house fun…such a beautiful person. Maureen:}

  7. I think BBC is great. I wish people would stop having the opinion that BBC is not as good as BBUSA. I don’t think it is too late in the game to bring someone back and it’s not like the show is picking the person, they are letting Canada vote. The fans of the game are getting a say and that is great, it gets the country more involved.

    However, I have NO idea why Gary seems to be the popular vote. He seems like such an immature person. Granted, he is young, but come on, that temper tantrum after getting put on slop was a little over-dramatic. I would much rather see Alec come back, so the Shield could once again be intact. Hopefully Peter can survive eviction this week, because he deserves to win.

    • And Talla wasn’t immature when she became Have-not? I agree about Gary though, and as much as I love him I found his tantrum hilarious. Talla’s just pissed me off.

      As for eviction, I have the feeling Peter will go home. NOTHING is ever assured when Jill’s in charge because she never keeps her word. Like heck, she shook hands with Andrew saying they would be final too but in the DR she told us she was lying about it and laughed. I don’t know if Peter deserves to win, but he deserves to win against Talla. She’s done nothing but bitch and act like a ditz all throughout(though this could be her game strategy). Even so, she hasn’t won anything, and even Peter won two POVs already because he was really pit against the house.

      I hope he makes it past this week, but I don’t know when it comes to Jill. I just hope she doesn’t win.(I don’t think so at least… She’s gotten her hands dirty plenty of times.)

  8. Bringing back a jury member as a “guest appearance” is fine to perhaps host the next HOH competition then leaving again… but to allow an already evicted HG back to re-enter the game is so unfair..the HGs remaining in the house have worked hard and endured alot , challenges, slop etc and do not deserve such a twist
    ..I trust and do hope BBC has the sense and class to let only the remaining guests vie for the finals…

  9. I think the timing is great – shake things up a bit. From what I’ve read online it will be Gary with nearly half the votes. For those who say his biggest move was his eviction you’re forgetting he made the first big move of the season with his nominations of Tom and Liza for eviction! Those nominations changed the game.

  10. Well I wish they wouldn’t evict anybody tonight and bring back Alec, that would be awesome for peter and Alec booo Jillian and emment

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