Big Brother Canada Week 8: Power of Veto Episode Tonight

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Big Brother Canada is back tonight on Slice at 9PM ET/PT with its weekly Power of Veto competition and ceremony episode. According to whispers and pieces we’ve put together on the Feeds there was yet another disqualification for cheating. Gee, I wonder which HG might have done that.

So along with all that drama we’ll watch this week’s Power of Veto competition and follow-on Veto ceremony. One HG will have the power to overturn the HoH’s nominations and force a renom, if the holder wants that to happen.

The Veto competition and ceremony have already been held in the house, but tonight’s show will get you all caught up. Of course you can just check our spoilers page for all those details in one spot.

Of course the big story this week for Big Brother Canada is the latest PowerShift twist which is sending one jury member back in to the game to compete for the chance at the big prize money. Yep, one HG will get to skip over week’s of competitions and re-enter the race. I’m sure that’ll go over great with the remaining HGs, right?