Big Brother Canada Twist: Vote A Jury Member Back In The Game

Big Brother Canada - PowerShift Twist

This twist could be huge for Big Brother Canada. Viewers now have the chance to vote back in one member of the Jury to return to the house and, presumably, compete in the game once again for a chance at the $100,000.

Thanks to the latest “PowerShift” twist to hit the game, either AJ, Gary, Alec, or Topaz will win this opportunity based on the public’s votes. Sorry, Tom & Liza fans, they’re not eligible. Only Jury members are up for the return.

So who do you think should get voted back? It seems the obvious choice is Gary, based on what I’d expect viewers to do, but maybe I’ll be surprised.

Vote in our unofficial Big Brother Canada poll below then share your thoughts on why you voted the way you did. For the official voting, visit Slice’s BBCAN website.


  1. I vote the 5th answer. NO ONE. Burn All Chevrolets ( what a crap car anyway ) and don’t mess with the game at the end like this. Gary did interviews and was being told how alec and peter had this close alliance ( he knew, but still thats not being sequestered… ). I don’t really care who wins, but this to me is just dumb and wrong.

  2. it will be alec even if Canada votes for gary to come back bb Canada will rig it and have alec come back your vote does not matter

  3. Jillian and Emmitt control this game and the others are to stupid to get them out. Topaz will do it. Vote her back


    For the official voting, visit Slice’s BBCAN website.

  5. I vote for AJ because he won’t last. Sorry AJ! Loved watching you on the show!
    This twist shouldn’t happen. Let the people that have played well and worked hard finish the game uninterrupted!! Not a happy fan.

    • Completely agree!!! This twist is ridiculous! I’d love to see the Andrew and Aj showmance for one more week. Alec doesn’t deserve to comeback after throwing the veto, Topaz slept through the whole game and whined and complained, Gary is a strong player, but his time had already come and gone.

  6. This may be boring but I think AJ should come back. He would fit in great with the remaining house guests and not be too much of a disturbance for who I am predicting will win this….Emmet or Jillian.

  7. alec would be more interesting to watch. Garry will be voted out soon and will not make top 2. with alec back, maybe boring jillian and emmet will be gone. Nothing against them. they are just boring.

  8. Bring back Gary! He was the driving force behind some critical changes in the house and was a target from week 1 = warrior. GLITTER warrior. Not only that but the east coasters need to be knocked down a few thousand pegs and hes the man to do it! Anyone else completely underwhelmed by the Shield? Alec has made practically every mistake known to the Big Brother game and has somehow got the notion that he is allowed to even reference Chilltown. Rest assured Alec, I’m sure that somewhere Will Kirby IS judging you. DUMB.

  9. Bring back AJ. Andrew may change his allegiance at that point. Id like to see Andrew, AJ and Peter shake up Emmet and Jill. They are getting a bit too sickenly cocky. Game or not, integretity still means something in most parts of the world.

  10. Gary !!! He’s a threat from angles , and he can still wear glitter while doing it , not Alec, him a topaz need to get their mood swings figured out , and aj coming back is not going to be a big enough threat .. Sorry

  11. TOPAZ. — she was screwed by Jillian, and by BBC showing everyone her private thoughts in the head of household room. She will put up Jillian versus Emmett, and won’t do it arrogantly like Alec and Gary would. This whole twist was a scheme by BBC in case Emmett or Jillian were evicted as the second part of the double eviction. We need Topaz back, she shouldn’t be gone if Peter the brainiac actually had half a brain and used the POV on her, then the East Coast alliance would have been forced to lose someone.

    • I think peter did that so he would prove his word to Emmett and Jillian so he wouldn’t be up next week, seriously guys they don’t know when there will be a twist or if theres another twist

    • I kno the “shield” so dumb the should have stuck by Topaz and Gary… They would b alive in the game if they had. And BBC did Topaz wrong when they exposed her private thoughts … Wasn’t funny at all. Both Gary and Topaz should come back. Who ever comes back, should choose someone else to come with them. And Aj was robbed of a fair chance. Although he bored me to tears

    • It’s the Big Brother House. She should have noticed Arisa never said they were alone. Anyone who watches Big Brother knows in the HOH room they say ‘Speak freely, were alone.’ Arisa never said that…big clue.

  12. Gary def! Get rid of the bullies in the house cough Jillian ! Horrible person not good inside at all disgusting

  13. alec because it will be at least 2 v 3 if peter wins the hoh, but 1 in 3 chances for the shield to win next hoh … gary will ally with emmet ( i see him having the hots for him and he will knock off andrew for revenge so he can have deal as final 3 with the “jilmet” and cross his finger if he wins that last hoh of the game) ….. i think andrew is long gone to the boring side with emmet n jillian (even if aj comes back) . i dont mind emmet or jillian winning the game but i don’t want them to be the final two together…

    i juSt REALLLLLYYY DOONNTT want both jill and emmet in the final together… i feel like they Would SHARE part of the winnings together anyway…


  14. bring Gary back! he will get out the couple and Andrew. Alec had a chance and he play the game like a coward and not smart.

  15. I thought when you were sent to the jury house, there would be no way back. So frustrated. First, Canana veto-ing one of the noms, then eviction without Power Of Veto and now bringing back a member of Jury. All the staff must have been watching the houseguests 24/7 so there’s no time to think rationally about the game. Urggg.

  16. Gary coming back in would be such a waste! He has no one in the house and would be kicked out as fast as he came back in. Alec actually has a shot at staying in the game. All peter has to do this week is win veto which hes been on a streak at winning. If he wins veto then talla will leave and if alec is back that’s 2 on 2 in the HOH comp. And seriously anyone coming back in the will gun for jill and emmet they are a strong couple and are running the show. So gary coming in and doing that is really not necessary. Andrew if hes smart will go against them too because he is at the bottom in that trio.

  17. Bring back AJ. People were using him as a pawn and he never had a real chance. I think he would now be able to stir things up. I can see Andrew being angry if anyone comes back. It showed

  18. Looks like Nations Glitter Flamer will be back… Not only to play but glitter the house again!!! Bahahahahaha….. Bahahahaaaaa>>> So retarded!!!

  19. They never said they would be able to complete. On previous BB seasons they had one person come in but it was just to host a competition, not actually be put back in the game

    • Difference here is the final 3 on the calender lines up as 11 days. That’s not happening so expect a full blown returning player that’s permanent.

  20. I say bring back AJ. Out of the 4 in the jury, he is the only one that was put on the block and didn’t get a chance to rally votes to save himself or get a chance to save himself with a power of veto competition. The others all got their chances, give AJ the same opportunity as the rest.
    If Topaz comes back she will just be another loner looking for an alliance to get to the end.
    If Alec gets in it’s the same again with Alec and Peter on one side and the rest of the house on the other side.
    If Gary gets to come back, then most likely he will align with the majority again, because he said before he was committed to Emmet.
    If AJ gets back into the house, then he and Andrew would re-align and the house would be in turmoil. The only thing that would be for certain is that Emmet and Jillian on one side, Andrew and AJ on the other with Peter ad Talla trying to figure out who to join. After Emmet saying Talla was annoying, chances are she would follow Andrew and AJ…and it would be interesting to find out which side Peter would think his bread is buttered on.
    So, as you can see, AJ is the only option if you want the whole house in turmoil and changing things up….otherwise, it is the same ole same ole.

  21. It doesnot matter what anyone here writes/says/votes GARY will be back. They may even time it in such a way he won’t be eligible for eviction til F4. GM can kiss alot of buyers goodbye. That includes my Cady driving a$$, I’m going to take the time to find out Slice’s parent company and fire off an e-mail along with all the sponsors of the show. Won’t do any good but I’ll have done the little I can do as a consumer/fan.

    They need to fire the entire production team after this season or never run the show again. Chevy would be smart to pull it’s advertising before Gary walks back through the door.

    The number of advantages Gary will have gained is ridiculous. Start with Arisa telling him that the shield existed. He knew but the info he’s gotten. How about the 4 comparing notes in the jury house. Then there is Gary resting and eating well for a couple weeks. I could go on but you get the drift.

    I thought BBus13 was a hot mess. BBcan is a pure fiasco at minimum. These idiots couldn’t organize a 1 car funeral!

    • Since Canadians can vote through Twitter, I think there’s a way to somehow know how we could determine how many voted for their favorite jury member to play again through some Twitter-tracking website. I think it could help see if there’s a trend favoring one certain housemate.

      I think the problem is that BB Canada needs to let the viewers know how much of their vote went to the winning returnee by haing Arisa divulge the results with some representative from a third party for authenticity. 😀

  22. We love you Gary! Im rallying everyone up in the office to vote for you back! – Gary has played the game with honesty and integrity. Hes a great man and a great player.. he DESERVES to be back in the house.

  23. cmon don’t be dumb! pick Alec so the shield can be back in business. they deserve to be in the final 2, they have been working together since the beginning. NOBODY wants to see jillian win this game

  24. I voted Alec because the shield should be reunited! It would be a HUGE twist. If any of the other members came back it would just be pointless plus I think Peter won this weeks HOH, so he probably isn’t going home. Also, he’s really smart so he would find a way for Talla to get out of the house rather then him or just win veto because he’s stepping up his game.

  25. I’m split between Topaz and Gary. But Gary has convinced me that he can be a strong physical and social threat, which he potentially can be to Peter, Emmet and Jillian’s game so I’d like to see him back in the game again to play.

      • Other than what I’ve stated above, Gary I feels should return for people’s viewing pleasure. His nervous breakdown over a single week of slop is simply TV gold times 10 times 10 infinity. :))

        Then again, I’m not Canadian thus I’m not eligible to vote for my favorite housemate in the jury to return anyway.

  26. Alec is a nice guy but peter and him are too smart together! He should have trusted topaz but aj had no chance to atay then so lets bring him back!!

  27. Gary is awesome and is good at winning challenges when he needs too I want to see the look on andrews face and gary only man enough to make big moves in this game gary was always the biggest threat he deserves another chance !

  28. I love Topaz and Gary.Peter is a foolish Player,Talla is riding on anyone who is in Power.If possible she might win this game.Topaz made a stupid move That is the why she got eliminated.Love her though.

  29. Bring Back Gary or Topaz.Try and Break up the sho-mance Between Emmett and Lying Jillian.Peter is a Foolish Player,Talla is not on anyone side but her own,playing dumb is her secret weapon.

  30. If you people have the slightest amount of intelligence, you will put Alec, the slime ball, back in!

  31. I hate this twist of bringing someone back… It’s just the producers manipulating the outcome of the show… It’s not fair to the Housemates or the viewers… They want more drama… boost ratings… what ever their motive, they are not to be trusted… for sure they will bring back Gary as he is a drama queen… I lose faith in Reality TV (and this show) when there is this kind of tampering… now I’m feelining like I’ve wasted my time watching this show…

    • Even in the countries that follow the original Dutch format, producers have always bring an already evicted houseguest to return, even if it’s halfway through the game.

      It’s no different for BB Canada, especially if it’s Endemol’s call to bring that twist in.

  32. I think Topaz should come back because she is a decently good player. Also, she seems to be one of the few players that is genuinely nice. She deserves it because she got screwed over. Her biggest flaw is her trust and forgiveness in manipulative people…. (Jillian and Alec). I also like Gary but wouldn’t pick him because it is uncertain whether he would cause game changing drama or idiotic drama. (like crying about slop).

  33. I don’t think this is right voting someone back in after the house guest have voted them out. We don’t have to copy everything the USA. Does..What is the point of trying to stay in the house????

  34. Garys gonna be out the first week he comes back in the house… They say hes a competitor but he wont win.. Send Alec back in he will stir it up way more and make it way more interesting.


  36. NO FAIR GM & BBC !! Play the game according to the original rules or you commit FRAUD & PREFERENCIAL Consideration of persons legally evicted by your own established rules . Shame on You !!!

    • you should say “I” not “we” because we is plural and can sometimes be taken as a meaning of “everyone” and not everyone wants Gary back in the house because he is stupid and sucks at life

  37. Wait is Big Brother Canada seriously bringing back an evicted player? Power Shifts like this keeps ruining the season

    • have to agree with you on this one, its affecting the outcome TOO much. I understand injecting a little drama into the game, but theyre manipulating the outcome shamelessly. Would have been better if they just let them play.

    • Makes not sense at this point in the game to bring someone back !!!! the stress level his high, emotion rolling all over and they dont need to have to defend theirselves from someone new coming back that didnt have to fight all this time to stay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. This is the way I look at it. After seeing Gary go back on his word to Tom, and that disgraceful episode where his posh diva side came out crying over being on slop, I really hope people choose to NOT bring back Gary. Suck it up butter cup. Topaz is just mean. Alec should stay out is to not bring back an alliance. AJ in my opinion should be the logical choice. That’s just me.

  39. Gary is fucking stupid. He is so annoying and whines all the fucking time. I couldnt stand watching the show when he was on and everyone says he will cause drama. he won’t and only a few people, the smart ones see that. If you are wanting turmoil your best options are either AJ or Alec. I swear if Gary fucking glitter gets voted back in i will cut a bitch!

    • HAHAHAHA I love how you refer to yourself as one of the smart ones. I cant wait until you are proven so wrong on this. For turmoil we should vote back AJ the pawnstar who never caused ANY turmoil and just accepted his meager, pathetic fate or Alec who seeemed to think he was a major player but was actually, sadly, NOT. Are you watching the same show as me?

      • AJ will cause turmoil because he will set an inner conflict Andrew since he will want to realign with him. That means it would be Jemmett, then Andrew and AJ, and Peter and Talla floating in the background. The three way aliance between Andrew and Jemmett would then be questionable, and as for Alec causing turmoil it’s just plain and simple-revenge but to answer your question yes i am watching the same show as you, i just am seeing more points, and how could i be proven wrong? Only ONE gets to enter that means we cannot compare who will bring the most turmoil. I am not saying I don’t think Gary will not enter the house, because i fully do believe he will, i am just saying I HATE HIM AND HE SUCKS AT LIFE

  40. Bring back aj. He needs to get the same oppurtunity to earn his place in the house. What happened to him was shitty.AJ!!!!!

  41. I am really enjoying the Season Premiere of Big Brother Canada. Always know there is something to watch in the night when I cannot sleep. Honestly, I feel Gary is the best choice to return…… him; however am torn between he and AJ. What will one do when the show is over????? All the best to all contestants, especially Emmett.

  42. Alec because he will take revenge and has hopefully learned from his mistakes. Gary is far too dumb for thinking he was safe the week he went home. Didn’t fight or anything because he thought he was safe. He just isn’t smart enough to win. I wouldn’t mind Topaz too since she is smart and would be out to get Jill and Emmett. Those to are soooooo boring! And Jill’s voice and intonation is so annoying why can’t you say “I vote to evict Topaz” not “I ..Vote .. To .. Evict .. Topaz” with a cheesy smile on her face.

  43. Alec because he will take revenge and has hopefully learned from his mistakes. Gary is far too dumb for thinking he was safe the week he went home. Didn’t fight or anything because he thought he was safe. He just isn’t smart enough to win. I wouldn’t mind Topaz too since she is smart and would be out to get Jill and Emmett. Those to are soooooo boring! And Jill’s voice and intonation is so annoying why can’t you say “I vote to evict Topaz” not “I ..Vote .. To .. Evict .. Topaz” with a cheesy smile on her face.

  44. Alec because he will take revenge and has hopefully learned from his mistakes. Gary is far too dumb for thinking he was safe the week he went home. Didn’t fight or anything because he thought he was safe. He just isn’t smart enough to win. I wouldn’t mind Topaz too since she is smart and would be out to get Jill and Emmett. Those to are soooooo boring! And Jill’s voice and intonation is so annoying why can’t you say “I vote to evict Topaz” not “I ..Vote .. To .. Evict .. Topaz” with a cheesy smile on her face.

  45. I voted AJ because Gary is a super annoying fairy, Topaz is dumb and doesn’t deserve to come back, and Alec is hated by the game.

  46. Gary was great! But at this point in the game he will just line up with Jillian and Emmet, game will become boring! Lets throw a good twist send Alec back!!!!

  47. I think Big Brother Canada is messing with the game waaayyy to much. What happended to Topaz when she was HOH was very unfair! Now, voting back a member who had been voted out is also not right. Quit messing with the game, Big Canada. Oh,by the way, sent Arisa Cox packing. Her hair needs a serious make-over and I am sure Canada can find a better host.

  48. I want Topaz back because she is a strong player now that she has learned her lesson that no one is to be trust in the house and she is capable of winning challenges definitely she has a chance of winning the game t

  49. Good god I agree with previous comment, ok fine Gary does stand up to the big fish but so will Topaz let her get her revenge. Nobody messes with my black b? #@$

  50. Aj would be the best to return, he and Andrew would have the best chance to upset the control of rhe house, Gary, Topaz and Alex are to strong and would be out as fast as they arrived

  51. After the stunt Alex pulled with the POV, (throwing it) he doesn’t deserve to come back.
    AJ would be interesting, I agree. It would be cool to see if Andrew would bail on the ECA, I also agree that the ECA is getting a little too cocky and it is getting boring. It isn’t completely fair bringing someone back, but the drama aspect is why everyone ultimately watches it.
    Gary is so pathetic it’s hilarious, he’s good for entertainment purposes,
    Topaz, NO THANK YOU.

  52. Bring back AJ and we’ll here about all the converrsations in the jury house. Had enough of the boring shield.

  53. Atleast Gary had the courage to make a big move early on in the game. I respect that!! Go Gary!!!!! <3333

  54. Please bring AJ back not Gary he is just so annoying and I was SO glad he was gone. Not only that Canada but you voted to save Suszette over AJ. We should send him back in.

  55. Big brother, dont let Alec come back please !!!!!! we seen him enought already….he think is better them everyone, tries to hard to do stuff, says to Andrew final 3 with Peter, says to Emmet final 4 with Julian and Peter, and knew about the east coast alliance from Topaz , hello, he should not be so stupid thinking that people wouldnt talk between theirselves what he was saying about everyone. The force or the watever he calls himself with Peter is dead and should remain dead. We dont feel that he is been himself like the other players are. Also, bring someone at this point should not be it should have been done earlier in the game but not when their 5 people left. You also screwed Topaz game by exposing her when she was HOH wich wasnt fair at all for her or would not have been for who ever would have been the HOH that week. In addition of the eviction, you should have allowed Andrew and AJ to have the possibility to earn the POV not even AJ was evicted right away, once again not fair at all for the player. It would be nice to see the reaction of the housegest arriving in the jury house and the orthers greeting them like in the US version.

  56. PLEASE BRING BACK ALEC! He has the best game. He and Peter are the best team. Gary is annoying and way too in your face. Topaz and Aj never did anything in the game. Alec fell on the sword during the POV competition so that Peter could take himself off and ultimately help Peter’s game. He is a good friend and a smart player who should be brought back into the game,

  57. I think Alec should be brought back. Seriously thats it. AJ i think deserves it also cuz he got screwd over but i dont think he would really bring anything to the show. Topaz doesnt want to come back so I wouldnt waste my vote there. And Gary…Omg hes just very annoying. I think hed bring drama for sure but he will side with emmett and jill and I really want someone to go against them. SO PLEASE VOTE ALEC! I know he probably seemed dumb the last week but i think he could do some real damage! Especially since Peter is not leaving this week, Jill and Emmett going after andrew/talla. SHIELD REUNITE!

    • Even EVELDICK said to bring Alec back.! So I agree 100%

      Check Twitter if you dont believe me. Only the real gamers and fans will vote Alec..

  58. Jillian and Emmett have it too easy in the game. They have betrayed they old alliance (Peter and Alec). Especially since the quattro alliance in the beginning. Alec voted to keep Andrew in the game a few weeks ago and remained faithful to the alliance. He gave no reason to me mistrusted. BRING ALEC BACK

  59. I believe that the one who wants to make it to the end the most is Alec. I can’t believe so far Gary has the most votes. He can’t even take slop. He hasn’t even tried it and he already had a breakdown. How can one stay in the house like that? It’s Big Brother; slop is a given.

  60. BRING ALEC BACK! Peter is in my opinion the best and most likable player but entire house is against him. REUNITE THE SHIELD! They were so smart and and the end of the day, it should be the people who played the game with the most strategy and the most intelligence instead of the more physical players who win. I understand that people want Gary back because of the glitter but honestly if you bring Gary back he is just going to go the first week. If Gary returns, he will become the new #1 target. Gary was on the block like 3 times so to bring him back just to have him go back again would be really rude. If you like Gary, don’t bring him back because he will be disrespected and hated even more than before. Gary is a wonderful person and he doesn’t deserve that. THE SHIELD NEEDS TO BE REUNITED!!!! BRING ALEC BACK. That’s all. And for all you who say AJ- really??? That is very stupid and will just make Andrew stronger.

  61. As mean as this sounds, Gary is a source of entertainment; not going to lie. But I think AJ deserves a chance. He always took one for the team by being the pawn when no one else wanted to. He was never given a chance to really play.

  62. Please bring back aj and not Gary. Crying over slop is one thing but he crossed the line being all tough with 4 foot talla. He looked like he would of smashed her face in if cameras Wernt there. Super tough super annoying Gary .

  63. I fully agree with Aj coming back, he is the only one of all the X-house guests that deserves a second chance. 8)

  64. Topaz should be the one voted back in the house. BBcan really screwed up her game by snitching on her like that, she deserves a second chance.

  65. I think Gary is the most deserving to come back as he played an awesome game just got caught by Alec and Peters deception and, when he had to eat slop for the week he felt like he had no energy to compete in the challenge. Although I am from NS I am beginning to dislike the three East Coast rivals especially Jillian. It that circumstance with Topaz she should have kept her word and not put Topaz up on the block no matter how stupid Topaz was because she should have never come down off the iceberg duh…

    Gary has been awesome this season I hope he wins it all…Gary was the only one with the guts to make big game moves the rest were worried about their alliances

  66. Alec needs to go back into the house to get Jillian and Emmett out or they will be the last two…. they will back door Andrew next and leave the weakest house guest as their third. VOTE ALEC

  67. people want gary back because hes entertaining, and hes not a ditzy airhead like the rest of the cast. GLITTER CHILD FO LIFE.

  68. If Topaz deserved to be in the game she would have won the pov for herself, why is everyone putting Peter down for not using it on her? And AJ? really never had a chance? how many weeks did he have to win something and never did? I don’t think it would be very fair to bring someone back Into the game at this point whos never won anything at least Gary won competitions, he needs to go back in and shake up the house a bit.

  69. Bring back Alec ……he is a back stabber and he makes the show goooood the show needs hem and I can not stand gary

  70. I think Gary played the game in the real sense of it. He was entertaining and added color to the game and he was a constructive schemer.

  71. Please don’t bring back Gary. I don’t think I could handle anymore of it. Alec all the way! Alec will come in and MESS UP the house! It would be EXTREMELY awesome!

  72. Of course Gary is winning/going to win so typical. He balled his damn eyes out like a 3 year old when he was put on slop, such a gamer, and a pride to Canada…Then there is Alec who dug his own grave with Gillian, and then he quits in the veto challenge, regardless of what he said about saving Peter, it was dumb and quitters dont deserve to win ANY game, let alone this one. Nothing needs to be said about Topaz, shes useless. AJ is the only logical choice

  73. Omg Gary! He’s Is amazing and doesn’t give a crap on what people say 🙂 let’s go Gary! Js never underestimate the power of glitter 😉

  74. bring back gary !!! he’s the life of the house and he’s not scared to make big moves and with how good of a physical and social player he is it would make for some pretty crazy reactions and turn the house up side down! Team Gary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Nobody deserves to come back,Big Brother`s doing this because the East Coast Connection is kicking but
    and they can`t handle it,they gotta try to mess it up somehow and try to find a way to make sure Gary Glitter wins !!! Why don`t they just give him the money right now!

  76. I am so done with these power shifts, but seriously the shield is done. They were so pointless. Of all people they could have gotten out, they get out Suzette because she was “annoying”. Really? Gary on the other hand got out Tom and kinda Liza. When it came to gameplay, Gary played better hands down. AJ didn’t do much. Now I would love to see Topaz cause she was very smart. She knew that game up and down just didn’t end in her favor. The way I see it, Peter goes home this week. Gary comes back. Jillian is gonna win it anyway sooo yeah.

  77. I think gary should come back, i did not like him at first to much glitter, but i feel he would cause the greatest shift, peter will be gone so no point on alec aj is a bore, topaz i liked but her talking out loud was stupid. bring back gary minus his glitter

  78. Gary all the way!!!! It is SO BORING. Its like watching golf the way things are. It would be just as boring with any of the other guests come back.

  79. I hope Gary keeps the lead & returns to the house. He always seems to add flare to any situation. It’s to quiet with out him

  80. I hope Gary keeps the lead & returns to the house. He always seems to add flare to any situation. It’s too quiet with out him, besides he keeps it real and has no problem saying what’s on his mind. He also makes no qualms about going after the strong players.

  81. Gary is the only player in this Big Brother who made a big move. Topaz should have done the same thing and put up Emmit & Jillian rather than weak players like AJ & Arrogant Andrew.

  82. bring back Gary he is the only one who knows how to handle this crew and who can shake the house should also throw in a twist and make him head of the house so he has a fighting thats a twist they wont expect.

  83. I say bring back AJ he was the only one that never through a hissy fit in the house when put on the block. Gary was ok until he went off on Talla, but not deserving to go back and play as far as I am concerned the same with Alec and Topaz threats and temper tantrums it’s like watching a house full of 2 year olds

  84. Its simple vote for GARY too comeback in the house, hes the only player who has & can make big moves in this game. Not to mention he makes it way more entertaining. Forget get alec wev scene way too much of his cocky self. I like AJ but hes just dosnt know how to play the game & topaz shes sweet but dosnt know how to make good dissensions. SO VOTE GARY!!!!!

  85. What is wrong with people? Where is everyone from the west? Vote Alec! it would def make things interesting cause then who would Peter side with? The shield !!!!!

  86. Everybody should remember that this is a game just vote for the player who you liked the most. I like every player and all for different reason. They couldnt of pick a better cast, all of them have thier moments everybody does were all human here. My Vote for Gary, the reason why I started to watch the show. I love his many different characters and how funny he is. GO TEAM GLITER!!!

  87. After viewing Gary’s crybaby episode having never tried slop, does Canada really want to reward such poor behaviour and horrible sportsmanship? Canada is about pride and working hard for something… therefore of the 4 Alex deserves Canada’s backing as a return player.

  88. Many of us did vote AJ back, use all our points and the % never changes, it is always Garry leading at 41% strange. If BB you dont want AJ back, well I prefer going with Garry than Alec wich we are tired of seeing him play.

  89. I think Topaz should come back in because of the raw deal she got dealt by BIG BRO Canada.. she deserves another chance,also she is an excellent player and could easily win HOH again and turn the tables on Jillian and Emmet, which would be so sweet…..and she is a good strategist with more balls than Gary to play hard….and is more likely to win at the competitions at this point and that is who will win….the person who can win at competitions. She has good game play

  90. I really hope AJ is brought back, I really want Andrew to win and I think AJ coming back will help! But if he can’t the only person I don’t want back is Gary! Don’t vote for Gary!

  91. Bring Gary back! he can stand up to the other players, can compete in physical and mental challenges – and adds glitter, something the drab house has lacked. I’ve never liked Andrew (and yes I am from the Maritimes) – he has an attitude that says to me “not a real nice guy”!

  92. Also, to BBC, I loooove that you guys play dirty!!! NEVER change that! I actually happened to love when topaz got exposed like that, hilarious, GREAT T.V. I happen to also LOVE all the twists by the Power Shift, and I love that there’s a house guest coming back, heck yes! So happy it’s Gary too. Keep it dirty.

  93. Emmitt and Julliane 2 idios exercising and neithernig one of them have won anything on their own,everything Jillian has won she never made promises that she never kept and Emmitt was disqualified for cheating

  94. Emmitt and Jillian are so sly they are really trying to get Talla and Andrew to eat so they will get disqualified so they will win everything…..not nice…they have to go


  96. Quote from the gaming company tallying the votes for returnee: “We predicted we’d see Gary win the votes, and based on our poll that’s exactly what we should expect to see happen on Thursday night. Gary is leading with nearly half the vote while Alec is in second and AJ in third. Trailing back in the “don’t even bother” category is Topaz with just five percent of the votes. Maybe she should have spent less time sleeping and more time building up a fan base.”

  97. I don’t think they should be allowed back in to play the game. For the day fine, but not to play. they had their chance and they were voted out. They should stay out

  98. Talla needs to go home and GROW the F up!!!! She’s cray cray – and NOT in a GOOD WAY!!!!! I can’t stand her!!!

  99. I want to see the shield reunited but if Gary comes back he has that veto he won in the Piñata and he could possibly save Peter depending when they put him back in the house

    Shield for the win!

  100. Bring back AJ, really Gary is just going to be dramatic and stupid about the whole situation and he will just get voted out next week….but AJ and andrew were good pals and I think it will spark something and make the final 4 really interesting…. VOTE AJ!

  101. I liked Gary until he freaked out on a Lahla. Come on people, no one deserves to be yelled at, especially a 6’something MAN and a 4’nothing WOMAN…

  102. Go Alec! Petter needs someone in that house to keep him alive in the game! Petter deserves to win, he has been truthful and loyal and has played a dam good game. The power couple needs to be split asap and the only one that will do it is Peter.

  103. I say Gary because he’ll for shure be pissed about Emmet and Jillian voting him out so he would spice up there Showmance a bit which would be amazing to watch

  104. Why bring anybody back it is sooooo not right they had there chance BB Canada sucks I will never watch it again seem to me that people running the show have been cheating for there picks to win the game from the start. Just wondering what there problem with east coast people I find them the most respectfull I mean you are going to bring Gary back hope he doesn’t try to go after little talla again I know your gay but you are still a man kinda

  105. AJ didnt play the game when he was there I doubt he’ll play it now. Put in Alec and let him finish up for Peter or Gary and really freak Andrew out. He is very full of himself and didnt play half the game either

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