Big Brother Canada Twist: Vote A Jury Member Back In The Game

Big Brother Canada - PowerShift Twist

This twist could be huge for Big Brother Canada. Viewers now have the chance to vote back in one member of the Jury to return to the house and, presumably, compete in the game once again for a chance at the $100,000.

Thanks to the latest “PowerShift” twist to hit the game, either AJ, Gary, Alec, or Topaz will win this opportunity based on the public’s votes. Sorry, Tom & Liza fans, they’re not eligible. Only Jury members are up for the return.

So who do you think should get voted back? It seems the obvious choice is Gary, based on what I’d expect viewers to do, but maybe I’ll be surprised.

Vote in our unofficial Big Brother Canada poll below then share your thoughts on why you voted the way you did. For the official voting, visit Slice’s BBCAN website.