Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 8 Head of Household Results

Big Brother Canada HoH competition

Want to find out who won HoH tonight on Big Brother Canada? We’ve got your spoilers right here.

After the Double Eviction show ended the competition kept going and now one of those HGs holds the power to nominate two players for eviction. Read on for those spoilers.

Jillian MacLaughlinJillian won the competition and is the new HoH.

She continues to dominate comps and is a strong candidate to win this whole thing. Would you vote for her if you were in the Jury?

Who do you think Jillian should nominate? Right now it sounds like Peter for sure and probably Talla as the pawn though Talla is already begging for Andrew to go up as the Pawn.

We’re expecting the nominations to be announced on the Feeds sometime Friday night. We’ll continue to post the latest Big Brother Canada spoilers as they’re revealed.


    • I think you all have to lighten up, it’s a game after all. Jillian and Emmett are playing a great game, put yourself in their shoes and I bet that you would do the same thing. At least they have an honest relationship and truly like each other. Alec and topaz were obviously using each other. And I’m sorry Peter is starting to annoy me , I had high hopes for him at the beginning but now not so much. I actually thought Tom was playing a pretty good game and could tell he was actually a pretty sincere person, he would have stayed true to his alliance with Emmett, but Emmett fell in love instead haha. Stop punishing Jillian and Emmett for winning and playing so well, you should just cheer them on. And I’m not sure who said the show was boring but you are wrong, I thinks it’s hilarious , it’s so much funnier than any other big brother I watched, the cast is great for sure.

  1. fuck im SO sick of jillian and emmett whos an ugly fuck… both of them can fuck right back off to the shittiest part of canada… the east coast. FUCK BOTH OF YOU

    • HAVE to be from Onterrible..why do you think 3 east coasters have made it this far? Because the east coast is known to be the friendliest part of Canada. Ontario is known to be the 51st state in the U.S. East Coasters are the REAL Canadians asshole!!!!!

      • you’re the idiot. you could have said something intelligible instead you attack people from Ontario, which is exactly what I would expect a dumb east coaster to say. Also i am so sick of people saying east coasters are nice. The east coast alliance sat in Jillians room and personally attacked Topaz, calling her a dumbass and cruelly laughing at her. That shit goes beyond the game and is JUST rude.

        • For goodness sake, this is a big brother Canada fan site, can people not stick to only discussing the game? Who cares if you are a fan from the East coast, West cost, the Territories, the Prairies, Ontario or Quebec? News flash, they all make up CANADA. One country, we are all CANADIAN. So back to discussing game play please?

      • lol, Ontario may have ruder people, but we are one of the smartest people in Canada. We have the BEST hospital for cancer, it is a multicultural province (so it is not too racial here), no one cares if someone is homosexual, we have the right to be whoever we want. Also, it is one of the cleanest provinces so far. East coasters eliminated people from Ontario in BBC, because they were smart and a big threat.

        • Yeah! That’s why you’re millions in dept and keeping company with a bunch of left-wing bigots! Keep dreaming there in LALA land! LOL!

          • At least we don’t live on a farm, everything is handed to us. Trust me, we bring all the business to the country, therefore, you guys cannot live without us.

          • Tell me proud Onartian, what the hell would you eat if there were no farms. Belittling hard working honest people is the reason the rest if Canada is ashamed to be associated with you. Spend a week farming and see how much is “handed” to these people. You embarrass the rest of the country internationally with comments like this.

          • peeps like you who simply show idiot respect! Maybe you should go live over in Iran?!

          • You guys are just a bunch of racists, because Ontario is one of the most multicultural province.

        • You say you are not a bigot yet you paint all East Coasters with the same brush. Halifax is one if the most gay friendly cities in NOrth America. Get your facts straight (no pun intended 😉 you appear to be exactly what you are speaking out against in your ridiculous rant.

      • lol, Ontario may have ruder people, but we are one of the smartest people in Canada. We have the BEST hospital for cancer, it is a multicultural province (so it is not too racial here), no one cares if someone is homosexual, we have the right to be whoever we want. Also, it is one of the cleanest provinces so far. East coasters eliminated people from Ontario in BBC, because they were smart and a big threat.

    • IDIOT, Have you ever been to the east coast? Canada in general is a great place to live.. Just because your lover from Vancouver was evicted doesn’t mean you have to hate on the eastcoast. Dirty ole pickle smoocher.

  2. OMG is anyone else as sick to death of Jillian as I am? The whole east coast alliance is so smug it makes me want to vomit. This show keeps getting more and more disappointing. On the plus side Alec was a moron and now hes gone which gives Peter more room to game. But Alec must have rubbed off on Peter because what a DUMB move not keeping Topaz. Of course hes on the block this week, its 4 against 1. Bring back Gary!

          • I agaree too They are playing a good game and Jillian is winning comps. So she deserves to be where she is. I really don’t care who lives where. We all live in Canada and should be proud.

          • I don’t particularly “like” Jillian, but this is not about who I like, it’s about who is playing the best game and that’s who should win. Right now, that’s Jillian. And Emmet is totally riding her coat tails. He is hardly a power player in this. He can win a comp now and then, if it’s about strength (and if he doesn’t cheat), but frankly, I think the only thing that keeps him safe is his alliance with Jillian. She’s a much stronger player.

          • She’s good in competitions, but so damn annoying! Does this pathetic woman really think she will have a job as a teacher after she’s been slutting it up on tv all season long? Last I
            Checked teachers were respectable people and lost their jobs over much less that what’s she’s doing on tv!

          • Once again people are quick to label a woman. So Topaz, Enmet, Alec,Tom, Liza…all have a showmance but the strongest woman in the house is a slut. Watch those claws people. Once again a strong woman is berated using
            whatever the weak minded can find. In the end it us you who look like trash.

          • I am all for powerful women and for women exploring their sexuality. However, it is her profession that makes it problematic. She is currently a substitute teacher, meaning she does not have a contract or a full time job, and she is constantly lying and being promiscuous on TV. I think that is a very foolish thing to do as it will likely have negative impacts on her career. She will likely have a very difficult time finding a job after this show. Also, yes she is amazing at competitions, but she is not playing a good game. She has lied to so many people and if she is up against anyone, except maybe Talla, in the final two, she will lose. Yes, competitions are important, but so is the social game.

        • It’s not really sour grapes, it just makes for more boring viewing. I can give credit where credit is due, Jillian IS a force to be reckoned with in the house. It wouldn’t matter who kept winning to me, eventually it’s fun to watch someone else and see how they would handle their power.

    • OMG I cannot agree more! This game is just getting plain boring, Emmett wins then Jill wins..zzz..Gary needs to come back!

    • Agree 100%, I was so shocked that Peter didnt take Topaz off, although someone here had a good point about the original alliance including Emmett & Peter. Emmett goes on a lot about not letting your emotions guide you in the game… maybe?!? I am from Ontario and very proud of that but also love to visit the east coast 😉

    • I don’t think they would want to be I think there happy being Jillian and Emmet. And I’m so glad Jill broke her word makes the show interesting. I find it hilarious when fans freak out that someone broke there word. Like why do you watch the show so everyone gets along and just roll a dice to see who gets evicted? Think you should be watching the Care Bears cartoon instead of big brother.

  3. LoL call it what u may, but from the start peter, emmet, jillian and tom all planned to go the end with all white alliances, peter sure stuck with it tonite and so did emmet putting talla and topaz on the block. so sick of that lying throaty voice jillian and her michellin farmhand emmet

    • yup i wanted to bring up the all white alliance…i just didnt go there. there gunning all the colors out, very a homosexual myself… i find gary annoying…but no matter what conclusion emmet or jillian will win the game…. :(… i dont mind either of themwinning but them final too is wack . i hope that drunk ass talla wins……i wanted peter to win but he did make a bad move…….

      Annoy ass gary… im voting you back… i fcken hate you tho

    • How did Big Brother become about race? God people get a grip. If, Topaz, Gary and Suzzette were final 3 would you then say the house was anti-white? Racism is horrible thing but it has no room in a game like this. It your own prejudice that is showing now.

  4. If Peter would have taken Topaz of the block then Emmit would have had to put up Andrew leaving it 2 votes to 1. Peter and Topaz vote Andrew out and Talla is saved and they recruit Talla to join them and it is now 3 to 2 and they take control of the house. Stupid move by Peter

    • Yup A true idiot move for sure!! This will bite Peter in the ass hard! Start packing pete!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah k wtf happened there I don’t understand why they didn’t put up Peter and why he didn’t use it on topaz his only ally?

    • I think either way could work. If he saved Topas, as you said they controlled the vote this week. But when he did not use the veto, he became the swing vote between two alliances, which gave him more power in the future. So it really depends on how he plays the rest of the game.

  5. Here’s what I don’t get about Jillian she went back on her word with Aneal she went back on her word with Topaz and with Topaz she didn’t have to. She could have kept her word with Topaz part of her word anyway and put up say Talla and it wouldn’t have mattered because at worst it would have been 2-2 and she could have cast the deciding vote and Alec is still gone. However now she has probably 3 people in jury pissed with her. She claimed she couldn’t renom anyone but Topaz, but Emmett didn’t seem to have a problem nom Talla. Now Emmett is sitting pretty with everyone in jury and everyone that is still in the house. He didn’t nom Peter so he’s got him, no one is mad at him in jury and everyone else that’s still in the game aren’t mad at him either.
    So basically Emmett got Jillian to do all the dirty work and he’s sitting pretty.
    One other thing, Jillian is a teacher and yes I keep hearing that it is a game, and I agree but basically what she’s teaching her students is, that as long as it’s a game and in particular a game for money it’s okay to lie, cheat and steal.(and I know she hasn’t stolen anything just a figure of speech) is that correct??

    • That is correct actually, it is the name of the game. However, I hope Andrew pulls it off. To be honest, it does not matter what these people do on a daily basis in their lives lol..they are playing reality tv game! Gotta lighten up 🙂

    • she also wasn’t setting a good example to the kids by having sex with emmitt on big brother after dark but I’m pretty sure she’s only a supply teacher anyway so it doesn’t matter

    • I’ll be disappointed if Emmett wins for these exact reasons. He’s basically done NOTHING. He breaks rules and is disqualified from competitions often, and otherwise he just sits up in the HoH room smooching Jillian and getting her to do the dirty work.

      This works great for him because everyone ends up hating her and he gets to be “the friendly guy”… so I sure hope the jury keeps in mind that he’s pretty much coasted on Jillian’s heels this whole game.

    • She won’t be a teacher for long, so she
      Doesn’t have to worry about that. Know school will
      Hire her after she has spent te last month sleeping around
      With a guy on tv! That is not appropriate when you teach children and she is dumb as hell if she doesn’t know this!

  6. Big Brother Canada is a joke. Their promo : “Best Big Brother ” and “Let’s show them how to do it”. Please don’t write cheques you can’t cash.

  7. So disappointed in big brother canada…. It’s just plain boring watching a group of dull players dominate and vote out all the interesting and fun players week after week. Booooooooooo! Snooze fest…

  8. Poor Peter, he could have made a big move tonight if only he’d used his POV. The game would have been turned upside down!
    I hope Gary comes back!

  9. Talla is so useless in this game. Bring back Gary. He’s the one who started making this game interesting.

  10. Jillian needs to remember that there’s a jury house cause a lot of people don’t like her. Peter should’ve saved topaz. He’s the one I’m hoping wins unless Gary comes back lol

  11. this sucks. oh well.. rip peter.. if he leaves no point for alec to come back unless he wins veto….if he doesnt win veto. i vote gary to come back…. i would love to see a crazy back door of emmet… for example talla isnt the pawn and saves peter with veto… with no choice to put emmet up…

  12. They should start cutting down Peter’s DR session. I don’t understand why he’s getting a lot of camera time. There’s nothing interesting that he reveals in DR/game wise. He has done nothing in this game. He’s a discount Dan Gheesling.

      • Exactly Matt. If Peter was a major player here and was initiating some memorable game moves, then I wouldn’t mind listening to him in DR. Right now, Jillian and Emmet are the power players. With the yelling and the hand gesture of the dismantled “Shield” his DR session becomes annoying. The editing dept. had given Peter a lot of camera time. Hopefully he will be victorious at the end of the game.

  13. Don’t forget Peter was born on the East Coast.So I. Guess that makes him an East Coaster also. Go Jill. Emmett and Andrew.

  14. I don’t know what Andrew and talla are thinking going to the final 4 with Jillian and Emmett!! The two if them won’t stand a chance in competitions or in the jury house for that matter because they didnt really do anything. They should of formed an alliance with Peter so they could break up the pair and even out the playing field. I would have loved to see Peter win but It’s defiantly jemmets game now which takes the fun out of watching.

    • Andrew doesn’t do anything? Are you stupid? Have you been watching? Andrew won 2 HOH and a POV (SAME as Jillian). CLEARLY he does nothing right? SMH. Might want to think about what your saying in the future before you post it, ya know, so then you won’t look like an idiot. 😉

  15. Looks like Nations Glitter Flamer will be back… Not only to play but glitter the house again!!! Bahahahahaha….. Bahahahaaaaa>>> So retarded!!!

  16. I love the east coast, because I live in the east coast. But Jillian, Andrew and Emmett are playing this game so dirty. I can’t stand any of them and I’d be so pissed off if Peter gets eliminated. Jillian is a complete air head and Emmett is just as bad if not worse than Tom. I sincerely hope Alec gets voted back into the game and The Shield dominates the game.

    • What by winning comps and actually playing the game give it at break Topaz said it herself se took a risk by jumping off to play in next hoh she could of stayed up there it was her own choice to step off.

  17. i am so bored of the same thing over and over… their not making moves.. i hope gary comes back or alec because it will shake the house

    • Evicting Gary, Tom, and Alec weren’t all big moves? 3 of the strongest players have been evicted from the house and those weeks were not strong enough for you? Hmmm…

  18. If u guys would smarten up , Tom would be the best one to bring back . If u want to throw a big shake up in the suckhole house . U need a red neck to shake rattle and roll to the end . Get that idiot Andrew back to the rock he fell off of . Redneck and proud of it

  19. Jill and Emmett have no social game. It really doesnt matter where people come from. This is just a game. Talla needs to go cause she has no right to be there! So annoying that people who deserve to stay are voted out! Jill and Emmett are only staying cause they can win comps and lie to everyone! They should be on survivor!

  20. Time for some ranting.

    1. Why the fuck do people keep saying Andrew does nothing? As I recall not only did he start the Nova Scotia alliance therefore working with Jemmet, he’s also won two HoH’s and a veto, the same number of wins as Jillian and Emmett so far. His HoH’s are the reason Liza and Gary are gone, not exactly the worlds weakest use of a HoH.

    2. Why do people keep bitching about the fun people getting evicted? Earlier on people were bitching because nobody was evicting stronger players and had evicted Danielle and Kat and Liza and AJ and such, and now people are bitching because not so strong people such as Talla has made it this far. They’re not in the house thinking about whether or not their moves will entertain us, they are in there thinking of the moves that can get them farther in the game. As much as production is trying to control them for a boosted entertainment value, these people are more concerned about winning and rightfully so. I love the final five, and I don’t say this just because Peter and Talla are royally screwed, I say it because I also like Peter and Talla.

    3. Why do people bitch so harshly about the moves people make in the house? You act as if because we can see stuff on the television and through the computer that they should be able to see it too because they are there. I’d imagine living in the Big Brother house is quite stressful and maybe you’re more set on keeping under the radar and focusing more on that than looking at various other outcomes to rise from picking other options. Sure, it was stupid of Peter to not take Topaz off the block, that’s obvious, but he can’t be blamed for it as I’m sure he was just trying to keep a low profile and just didn’t think far enough ahead to realise a good move option when it presented itself to him.
    Now stop your damn bitching.

    • Agreed on a lot of your points.

      I’d also like to add another one: Why do people bring up the race card? Does Canada even have a race issue as serious as the one in the US (unless you want me to count Quebec)?

      The people in the house are all threats and targets to each other, and the housemates even recognized that many of their fellow evicted HG’s are indeed good and potentially threatening players have they all stayed longer (Gary, Aneal, and recently Topaz).

      It’s a game, it’s a competition show. People come in to join and play the game, many will lose and only one will be left standing, and become the sole winner of Big Brother.

      Every one has an equal chance to play the game on the basis on their social and physical capabilities as well their intellectual and mental game.

      So if ever someone is nominated, it’s not because they’re black, Asian, mestizo, mulatto, or maybe a non-Canadian who got swapped from another country’s BB. It’s because they are a threat to other people’s gameplay. If you don’t have the backing of a strong alliance nor any thing that would put you in favor with the stronger players remaining, nor anything else that would cover you basis for your long-term survival in the house, then you might as well pack your bags and get ready to be sent home.


      • You make some good points about the race thing. I am wondering if it is mainly American viewers making that criticism. Their race relations are quite different than ours in Canada. That’s not to say there isn’t racism in Canada, but things play out much differently here than in the US. I really don’t think that any of the players’ moves are racially motivated. I think they are strategically motivated and in some cases, the person of colour was the biggest threat in the house and that’s why he/she was voted out. Not because he/she was a person of colour. If that were true, would Talla not have been gone ages ago?

    • Alright! Thank you for that. I get tired of it too. They are playing a game And to get as far as they have means they have played a good game. And yes Andrew has won a lot of comps and deserves to be where he is. So thanks again.

    • Hmm you made some interesting points but I am still not convinced on Andrew. Hes a better player than people are giving him credit for BUT I still dont think hes good enough to win. I think getting Gary out was his only real move since Liza’s eviction was largely the work of Gary, Andrew was just keeping the balance in the house and nominating the easiest person.
      I also like Talla but as a die hard fan of this game, I will be seriously disappointed if she wins. I mean, shes playing for second place right?
      Also we bitch so harshly because its FUN! half the fun of watching this show is pretending that you know better and screaming at the TV. Cmon, you werent totally ticked when Peter didnt use it on Topaz? And not looking far enough ahead in a game like Big Brother is a critical error that deserves harsh criticism. I am definitely interested in hearing what Peters rationale was behind that decision. Maybe he had a legitimate reason? But then again his nearest and dearest ally threw up his hands in a veto comp that could have saved his life so Im not expecting too much more out of “the Shield”.
      One final note before I take up the whole damn page, this race thing mentioned below is crazy! I dont think anyone in the house is racist at all. However, I think we can all agree that the production team has interfered in this game WAY too many times and everytime they do a coloured person is screwed over. (Aneal with the power shift, Topaz in the HOH room, AJ as her evictee…) not saying its done purposefully but it looks suspicious and makes us look really bad.

  21. Peter is such a major idiot. He made such a bad game move to not keep topaz. And Jill is so stupid, if she had gone to talla and said shes coming up as a pawn beside Alec, andrew and emmett would have voted for Alec, Peter and topaz would have voted for talla and Jill woulda been the deciding vote. Which means she would have at least kept her word to topaz while still evicting Alec. That way, topaz and her would still be cool with each other. So stupid. And now Jill is how again?! How the hell are the house guests so stupid as to not see Jill and emmett as a threat. Can’t believe this!

  22. Talla will go to the end because she can’t win votes. Canada will vote Gary back in, he is the most colorful character. Jillian to win she is the best player, (Charleston SC USA)

  23. Peter has tried to portray himself as a brain, when in fact he has been nothing but the ultimate floater who got lucky on one veto and another given to him by Alec the fool. He has failed miserably in anything to do with memory. Choosing to be the fifth wheel on the east coast coach instead of the top dog in a three way alliance with topaz and Talla it seems he is more enamored with Emmet than Gary was. Liked Gary but would be scared to vote him back since he would do anthing to keep Emmet safe.

  24. Peter is not as dumb as you may think. RIght now where he is sitting his best option was to keep Topaz as he would have a true alliance…. BUT NO, to remain a victim of chance, Peter had to keep the noms the same and evict her to remain true to Talla. Remember what he told TALLA IN THE SMOKING ROOM! HE WANTED TO WoRK WITH HER! Now he can. Its as simple as winning a veto and convincing Jill and Emmett to put up Andrew, their next real threat. Jillet think they have TALLA but PETER AND TALLA can work together. THROW IN GARY, cause he is going back in, and its a perfect combination…he will have to choose between the showmance or the least threatening people. HELLO GARY WILL WIN HOH AND SEND JILL OR EMMETT PACKING!

    “OMG BIG BROTHER IM SO SCCCUUUURRED! ” in the words of TALLA!… 🙂

    If you people vote Alec to come back in or if BBC rigs this isn, I will not be watching nor applying next year! hahaha

    • could not agree more with your sentiments on Alec! Could someone who is actually voting Alec back into this house please tell me why?! Like what has he done in this game exactly besides talk a big game and deliver NOTHING. I also thought of that scenario with Peter but even still, he should have known that either way he was screwing someone over and Topaz was a way better ally than Talla.

    • It would have been a better choice for peter to save topaz. If Peter had used the veto to save Topaz, Emmett would have had no choice but to renom Andrew. Thus Topaz and Peter would have controlled the votes to evict Andrew and Talla would still remain in the house and sorta be indebted to topaz and peter for saving her thus forming an alliance with them. It then woulda been 3 of em vs. Jill/Emmett which are much better odds also considering that Emmett could not partake in the next hoh comp.
      But Peter was an idiot and did not think it through this probably screwed over his own game

  25. big brother canada? oh, i thought i was watching the bachelor canada. so sick and tired of emmett and jillian. i liked them individually but the showmance killed it. i am rooting for peter, although he should have taken topaz off the block, but then either way jillian would have won hoh and put him up. hope he wins the veto! and i like the east coast alliance, something about a caper/nova scotian is hot to me 😉 haha but wtf big brother, put someone from SK/MB on next year.

  26. Am I the only female who finds something incredibly sexy about Peter? I don’t know what it is. But his nerdiness and intelligence is just such a turn on for me! haha I definitely hope he does NOT go this week but I do agree that he probably made a mistake by not keeping Topaz

    • Yes but only when she strings a sentence together that makes sense, and that doesn’t happen very often. It always seems like she’s having a conversation with the person in front of her plus someone in her head at the same time and they’re 2 very different conversations. LOL And she needs to quit saying “fail” all the time it’s bloody annoying

  27. If Jillian and Emmet make it to final two, I absolutely think Jillian should win. Emmet does nothing but walk around shirtless. Jillian is the power house in this duo

  28. The shield made some of the worst moves in BB history. I was really hoping Peter would win, not any more. I don’t like anyone left in the house. Hope Gary comes back and wins it all.

  29. The more I hear an see Jillian, the less I like her. Lying too much, she losts my respect. Emmet is just her puppy and it’s getting quite boring. Peter made a bad move and he will be gone soon. Talla is annoying and will be booted out next. Andrew is my favorite in what’s left of them. With Gary’s back in the house, we should be entertained some more. Bring it on bitch!

    • Finally! Someone who sees Emmet for what he is … or at least that’s how I am reading your puppy comment. Emmet gets a lot of air time and he was being somewhat strategic in the early days, but I haven’t seen him do much more than ride coat tails since he sort of manoeurved getting Tom out. Andrew is much more of a player than Emmet. If Gary does come back, a Gary/Andrew alliance might be interesting.

  30. I can’t stand Jillian, she acts like she was raised by wolves……no class. Took off her dirty shorts and had the guys sniffing it. Ugh! Dirty and no class, I would kill myself if my son brought home someone like her. Sits and bites her nails and then starts picking at food from the trays instead of filling a plate and sitting down and eating like a lady. She’s supposed to be a teacher, what a disgrace to the teaching profession. She makes my stomach churn…….and now she has Emmett fondling her breasts in full view of Canada. Where in hell did these people come from?

  31. Jemmet made a mistake by not getting rid of Peter! I hope Canada votes back Aj or Topaz, (who got royally screwed over by BBC)!Canada is missing the boat when it comes to messing with the show in a suble way (like their US equivalent). They look too desperate to set themselves apart. The show also needs a new host. Arisa is very dry and needs a new hairdo. Why can’t we have a hottie like the female hosts on Entertainments Tonight hosting the show?

  32. I would love to see Emmett go home. Something like what happened back in BB5. If Jillian puts up Talla and Peter, and Andrew wins veto, he can take off Peter. Jillian will have no choice but to put up Emmett. Then, Peter and Andrew vote out Emmett.

  33. Peter is my Favourite he better not go home or else I’ll cry talla should go home she hasn’t won one comp and she’s sorta a floater she’s just sitting there might as well just pack up lol

  34. I want Andrew to win , he’s had no “showmance,” so no extra vote,like say EMMITT. Sad to say, all I hear is, ” get Gary back in the house… he’s so entertaining, but all he is , is a vote for Emmitt. A.J., would back Andrew,, and he’s a good guy, so I vote for A.J. to come back in the house. Andrew’s had to work for it + he has a great personality.

  35. I’m not minding the Canadian version of big brother, to bad Peter didn’t think that through a little better. I gotta ask one question though… Is it the editing or is the show/cast not quite as “classy” as the US version? It’s definitely not a family friendly show:(

    • There is a lot of cursing but unlike the US version the Canada version is not being shown on a major network(sorry Slice) so I think there is a little more leeway when it comes to stuff like that. And as you know we Canadians swear a lot. LOL

  36. I can’t stand that annoying Geek Peter. Does HE EVER SHUT UP YELLING the moron. Can’t wait to see him go

  37. I really like Jillian and Emmett and hope they win!!! And I am totally voting for The AJ to come back cause that will help them or turn Andrew against them. I also like the last 5 players and don’t think it was an all white alliance on purpose. You can’t keep someone around just because of their race if they are a threat or just plan annoying they got to go. I love how the minute it’s all visibly white people left people have to go there. Maybe I am wrong but most people I interact with dont even notice if you are gay straight black white or rainbow.

  38. please Canada please don’t bring Gary the drama queen back in the house. The house is hilarious with Andrew in it some times I just laugh so hard I almost pee my pants. Bring back AJ for Andrew.

  39. big brother Canada instead of doing everything bbusa did how about coming up with some new ideals, and lets not bring anyone from jury house back. bring in a twin to play without the house knowing

  40. Anyone notice Jillian’s face looks hairy in her picture? I noticed it from the start and cant get over it! Also, such a stupid move made by Alec and by Peter. Gary has to come back and be with Peter for there to be a chance in getting Jemmet. Can’t stand them two. Talla needs to go out and Andrew is such a perv!!!

  41. Yes, it’s a game but I lost all respect for Jillian when she lied to Topaz and broke her promise. That’s when it stopped being a game. What’s the message in what Jillian did? The message to all those impressionable young people who watch the show is that it’s OK to lie, cheat and break your promises as long as you win the game. I’d like to see some “decent” people win this game without selling out their self respect. At this point, anyone but Jillian and Emmett would be fine with me.

  42. It makes me laugh that 2 weeks ago I was commenting on how Jillian has lost my respect as ”Canada’s Sweetheart” even though she is a strong player. Now we finally see more of that ”production team polish” they put put on Jemmet falling off and it turns out they’re just as ruthless, deceptive and cut throat as the rest of them… So what can we conclude? Maybe it’s fair to say ALL Canadians have their pros and cons (East Coast, Central, or West Coast… Gay or Straight… Caucasian or Visible Minority). We all rise above the muck sometimes, and we all stoop pretty deep in it when we feel justified in doing so. My hope is that they bring back Alec because he stands the best chance of breaking up the East Coasters. Gary was entertaining but got rewarded for his childish behaviour far too often (not to mention he’s had his desired 15-min of fame, just like Danielle & Liza who also craved the spotlight more than the money)… I’m hoping Talla or Peter somehow pull this one out, but it seems pretty much a guaranteed win for Jemmet at this point in time – unless everyone is smart enough to bring back Alec instead of Gary (who will only stay for one episode until they vote him out).

  43. I can’t stand Peter. He thinks he has worked so hard and deserves to be in the house. He and Talla have not done a thing. Jill and Emett are good players in the game but I am so sick if their show-mance that I just want them both booted from the show. I hope Andrew takes it all.

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