Big Brother Canada: Week 7 Eviction & HoH Results

Alec and Topaz on the block

Big Brother Canada is back tonight with another eviction show where either Alec or Topaz will be evicted plus one more HG will be sent packing and off to Jury House when the Double Eviction surprise hits. It’s going to be a crazy night so stick with us.

We’ll be updating this post with the results as they’re revealed throughout tonight’s show.

Who Was Voted Off Big Brother Canada Tonight:

  • Talla votes to evict Alec
  • Emmett votes to evict Alec
  • Peter votes to evict Topaz
  • Andrew votes to evict Alec

By a vote of 3-1, Alec has been evicted from the BBCAN house.

Once the eviction is complete we’ll get the whirlwind of events with a new HoH, nominations, Veto competition, Veto Ceremony, and another eviction. It’ll go fast so keep reading.

Big Brother Canada – Week 8 HoH competition: “Plead Your Case”

  • Round 1: Everyone is correct
  • Round 2: Everyone is correct
  • Round 3: Talla is eliminated
  • Round 4: Peter & Topaz are eliminated
  • Round 5: Both are correct
  • Round 6: Both are wrong
  • Round 7: Both are wrong
  • Tie-breaker: Emmett is closest

Congrats to Emmett! He is the new Head of Household. Now he has to make some quick nominations.

Big Brother Canada – Week 8 nominations:

  • Topaz
  • Talla

Emmett explains he picked Topaz because he knows he can’t beat her in an endurance competition. As for Talla, he says he thinks she’s annoying. I can’t tell if he’s joking. I think he is. She makes jokes about it so maybe it’s just a goof.

This Veto comp is styled like the infamous clown shoe “dig & find” race. HGs have to find two letters and bring them back to the start.

Big Brother Canada – Week 8 Veto competition: “You’ve Got Mail”

  • Peter wins the Veto

Peter now has the power to veto one of Emmett’s nominations. Let’s find out if he does.

Big Brother Canada – Week 8 Veto ceremony:

  • Peter does not use the Veto.

What? Peter could have saved Topaz. Emmett would have then had to renom Andrew (he wouldn’t pick Jillian). Peter and Topaz could then control the vote and evict Andrew. That does not make a lot of sense right now so we’ll have to wait for Peter to explain that move.

Big Brother Canada – Week 8 eviction:

  • Jillian votes to evict Topaz
  • Andrew votes to evict Topaz
  • That’s all it takes.
  • Peter votes to evict Topaz

By a vote of 3-0, Topaz is evicted from the BBCAN house.

I’m expecting an endurance competition for the second HoH comp of the night, but we shall see. Hmm. Nope, not quite an endurance race, but close. Players have to work an egg up a chicken mesh fence and place them in the correct order of eviction. This looks frustrating!

If it goes past the show, and I expect it will, we’ll have to get the results from the Feeds when they return.

Big Brother Canada – Week 8.5 HoH competition: “Fly The Coop”

  • Based on the Feeds, sounds like Andrew won and is the new HoH. Nope, Andrew kept responding to Talla when she talked about the HoH room reveal, but the winner was Jillian.

Jillian is the new HoH and will have to name two nominees.

Now for that “major twist.” It’s time for another Power Shift twist. Viewers get to vote back in one HG from the Jury House. Either AJ, Gary, Alec, or Topaz will be sent in. It’s going to be Gary, right? Right?


  1. Wow I don’t understand why Peterr didn’t use his pov to take topaz off. She was his only ally. Ugh I’m so pissed

      • Exactly!! I wanted to throw my remote through the screen.. He’s such a dumbass.. He did it for Liza???? The shield is the dumbest alliance ever!!! Like EVER!!

        • Agreed. The Shield? What Shield? You are down to one member Peter. Lame, delusional fool. Liza and Tom went off and got matching tattoos, I’m afraid Peter is nothing but a very faint memory to Liza at this point. As for the stupid Shield….Alec and Peter were too busy taking credit for things they had nothing to do with and then comforting themselves by claiming they threw comps and acting like they were superior to everyone in the house. Why didn’t Peter take Topaz off the block? Many dumb moves. These two are the masters of their own demise.

  2. Why would Peter use the power of veto to save Topaz?!? He would have been the replacement.
    Hope Alec comes back! 🙂

    • aaah POV winners cannot be renomed as the replacement nominees….so if he used it on Topaz they would’ve both been safe and have a bigger chance of winning HOH next week because Emmet cant play…What a stupid stupid decision on his part. Now unless he wins HOH he’s going on the block and probably going home next week.

  3. Peter should have taken Topaz off, he’s guaranteed safety and Andrew would have been forced on the block and Topaz and Peter control the vote to evict Andrew and get in Talla’s head that she’s on the bottom of the totem pole with the “east coast alliance” and the 3 could of had a 75% chance at the hoh comp to split up Emmett and Jillian and if the other’s are smart they need to separate them. I’d love Alec to come back because Peter needs his alliance. Gary would align with Talla and Peter’s still on the outs and I really want Peter to win. Go Shield!

  4. Soooooooooooooooo done with this show! Spoiler (continue reading if u want to know who won hoh

    Lol I tried.. Back to my point.. Even if the twist brings back a member from the jury.. Canada would probably try to bring back the shield (just my prediction) in which there is already talk of getting Peter out soooooo what’s the point.. Anyways I’m done… Topaz took it like a champ!!

  5. **** chevrolet and their ****** powershift … bringing someone back into the house at final 5 / 4 ? you gotta be kidding me. If that person wins it’ll be so retarded.. and these public votes we never really know if its real or not.

  6. I will vote for Gary if I can get you ALL to vote with me?? We out here can have just as much power as the players in the house!!

  7. Vote for Gary Alec doesn’t deserve to come back, he could have won the veto but decided to throw the comp… Lost all respect for him. And peter did a dumb move for his own game by not removing topaz. This shield is made out of cardboard. Gary is most deserving to return. He won’t make foolish decisions for himself.

    • You hit it right on the head!!!! Please for anyone who knows and respects the game of bb please do not vote for Alec to come back in the only person that can hold is own is Gary and even that’s a big hill to climb.. The house already said (with the whole Tom coming back twist) that whoever comes in will be voted out again.. They have the numbers against anyone going back in. In my opinion save your vote for Canada’s fav player if they have it!!

  8. As i’ve said before, many times, the voting system aka power twist BS.. is totally unverifiable and is primarily used as a tool by production staff to do whatever they want to manipulate the game in whatever direction they chose… there may be a “vote” taken but the results WON’T matter… the decision will rest solely with BB production. Its a JOKE how they think they are getting away with it… if it were a REAL vote, it would be administered by an outside accounting firm and that would be announced … but it isn’t … so there you have it… its all fake

  9. I am so picking ALEC… bring back the shield.. show JILLIAN AND EMMETTE that CANADA IS FED UP OF THEMM!!! THEY DESERVE TO GET OUT!!!

  10. I suspect Peter did not use the POV because Peter probably made a deal with Emmett before Emmett made noms that Peter would not use the veto if he won it. Emmett probably didn’t care because I suspect his target was Topaz so not putting Peter up didn’t make any difference to him either way.

  11. HONESTLY, BRINGING BACK GARY WONT DO ANYTHING. emmet and jillian need to finally be the ones in trouble. BRING BACK ALEC, AND MAKE IT INTENSE. #SHIELD

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