Big Brother Canada: HG PowerShift Twist Poll Results

Big Brother Canada - PowerShift Twist

The latest Big Brother Canada twist features the return of one Jury House HG in to the house this week. Just what they’ll be doing remains a mystery. Will they return to host a competition or actually rejoin the game and compete for the big prize money once again? Update: The returning HG will definitely be part of the game and not just to make an appearance.

We’ve been running a poll here on the site letting readers pick between AJ, Gary, Alec, and Topaz for who they want to see back in the house. Sure, it’s not official, but it’s a good insight to the real voting considering we have over 17,000 votes!

We predicted we’d see Gary win the votes, and based on our poll that’s exactly what we should expect to see happen on Thursday night. Gary is leading with nearly half the vote while Alec is in second and AJ in third. Trailing back in the “don’t even bother” category is Topaz with just five percent of the votes. Maybe she should have spent less time sleeping and more time building up a fan base.

So if Gary returns then who do you think he’ll align with to continue his game? Considering his strong comp performances he’d be a good ally to have in a shrinking field of Big Brother HGs.