Big Brother Canada 5 Poll: Who Should Get ‘Time Warp’ Twist

Big Brother Canada is known for going overboard with its twists and this season BBCAN5 didn’t wait around to remind us about that. Introduced at the end of the season premiere, the “Time Warp” twist will send one player directly to the Jury phase of the season. So who should it be?

Update: Our readers nailed it again. Poll correctly forecast Neda as the winner of the Time Warp twist. She’s safe from Noms until Jury begins. Yikes.

Big Brother Canada 5 FOTH

Voting is open now on Global’s site but I thought it’d be fun to get a little advance look at how this could turn out and hear your thoughts on the season’s first “shockwave” as they’re calling the twists this season.

Here’s the details on how this twist will work, straight from Global’s own site:

In this shockwave, your vote will grant one houseguest immunity, keeping them safe until jury starts. That means immunity from eviction!

The chosen houseguest will still take part in all houseguest related activities during the course of their immunity – they will participate in challenges and tasks, are eligible for HOH and can be a have-not, and most importantly, they will still vote to evict. They just cannot be nominated for eviction.

There’s a caveat with this as well. If the person who wins the official vote is evicted this week (Thursday) then that person can’t be eligible and it’ll go to the next in line for the voting results. Not that we know who is in danger at this point, but just so you’re ready for the chance of that happening.

So who gets your vote? You can vote now over at and then be sure to vote in our poll too. After that share your thoughts. Is this too much of an overkill twist? Will it work out well for the game and whoever gets it?

Lots of big reactions out there with comments both that it’s unfair and likely to go to a Vet and also that it could backfire on the recipient.

Back in BB13 we saw the Golden Key and how it catapulted players forward in the game and according to Daniele Donato, the first G-Key holder that season, this twist’s reward is bad news:

What’s your take? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts below on the BBCAN5 “Time Warp” twist.