Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Off BBCAN5 Tonight? 3/16/17

Tonight on Big Brother Canada 5 we’ll continue to catch up on what’s been going on inside the BBCAN house since move-in last week and Karen’s win as the new Head of Household. So who is targeted and who is evicted? Let’s find out.

BBCAN5 Houseguests after move-in

Not only should we get some eviction results but we’ll probably find out about the first “shockwave” twist with the Time Warp being awarded to one of the Houseguests. I’d be willing to bet it’ll be one of the Vets who gets locked in for at least half the season with this gimme twist.

According to votes in our unofficial poll, eight of the top nine spots go to the Vets. Yep, the bottom seven spots go to Newbies. They never stood a chance in a fan favorite poll, right? Sorry, newbs.

I’ll be live recapping tonight’s BBCAN5 episode right here so stick with us to find out who gets the boot, who wins the Time Warp, and maybe even what the Houseguests will face in the next HoH challenge. BBCAN loves a cliffhanger in to Sunday’s episode (8/7c), so I wouldn’t expect those in this show. However, Feeds should give us those results before too long.

While we wait for the show, here’s a little drama sneak peek between Sindy and Ika. So, I’m confused. Does Ika want us to talk for her or not?

With Karen settled in as the HoH she’s talking with Jackie and Sindy (separately) about possible targets. Karen wants to go after Brains and Muscles which for her is Neda and Mark. Sindy works quick to shutdown targeting Neda, telling Karen Neda would be loyal. Karen tells us in DR that she’s going after big players regardless of newbie/vet status.

HOH Nominations – Week 1:

Karen has nominated: Demetres & Mark

Veto Players Pick:

Karen will play along with Demetres & Mark. Also selected were Ika, Bruno, and Kevin.

Power of Veto Comp – “Me Want Veto”:

Players are dressed in cavemen gear and the set is prehistoric with giant bones (ahem, Have-Not room). HGs have to drag a heavy boulder with them while going back and forth to collect tiles with letters. First to spell “Dig Your Own Cave” to win the Veto.

Veto winner: Bruno

Power of Veto Ceremony:

Bruno decides not to use the PoV. Karen’s noms remain as Mark & Demetres.

Eviction Votes:

  • Kevin: VTE Demetres
  • Dre: VTE Mark
  • Dallas: VTE Demetres
  • Jackie: VTE Demetres
  • Dillon: VTE Demetres
  • Emily: VTE Demetres
  • Gary: VTE Mark
  • Ika: VTE Mark
  • William: VTE Mark
  • Cassandra: VTE Mark
  • Neda: VTE Mark
  • Sindy: VTE Mark
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Bruno: VTE Demetres

By a vote of 7-6, Mark Chrysler has been evicted from BBCAN5!

Shockwave: Time Warp Results

Winner of the Viewer’s Vote of the “Time Warp” twist is: Neda.

Neda will be safe until Jury and can’t be nominated until Jury begins. Neda can still compete for HoH, Veto, etc. and can become a Have-Not, but she can’t be nom’d.

Arisa says the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds are up and running now so it’s time to go check that out. Make sure you’ve got your BBViewer downloaded and ready to go!

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